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Omg happy b day friends

Thxs for letting everybody know regina💜
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Happy birthday! <3

Today is the 24th anniversary of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
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All the OH MY GODS
Friends - All of Janice's her Oh My Gods
Friends - All of Janice's her Oh My Gods YouTube
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This is the best kiss ever
Google Image Result for
Google Image Result for…
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Shows cross

If there would be a show that had to make apearence on friends what show would it be
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Is it just me or

Did everybody dream of the friends cast making a spin off but with the kids as the stars although the orginal cast would still be in it
Fyi in this joey gets married
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Whats ur fav friends quote
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Whats your fav friends quotes
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Is it just me or when a friend or anybody says somthing you HAVE to reference it to friends

Mom:so i didnt want to eat but i wanted to be nice to her.
Me:like everybody when rachel made the FEET cake
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Guess who iam going to be for halloween

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Mr. Heckles, the saviour!

Don't you think that Joey is in the gang because of Mr. Heckles. In the one with flashback, It is shown that the other photographer guy gets chosen to be chandler's roommate but when Mr. Heckles tricks him by saying, "I could be Chandler's roommate" he believed that Mr. Heckles was the roommate. So he left, and Chandler had to ask Joey to be the roommate even though he didn't want him (PS: Monica did want joey to be the roommate 'cause he was hot). When Monica thanked Chandler for picking him, he stated, "Thank that jerk who never showed up". He didn't know that this roommate would become his best friend.
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Magna doodles.

Have you ever noticed the funny and sometimes random and even touching magna doodles in Joey and Chandler's flat? Tell me your favorite one.

Mine is the bold "Why" when Joey finds out that Monica and Chandler are together.
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Ross's marriages

How long was Ross married to Carol, Rachel and Emily? The reason I ask is because in the section covering divorces., it states that Ross was married to Carol for seven years but thats impossible because they don't start dating until 1988 and have divorced by 1994. Also it states that Ross was married to Rachel (the first time) for only weeks but I believe it was 6 months.
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Which episode PLEASE!

Guys which episode does say a load of random stuff about levels and acting, and when Simone says “What are you talking about” he says really slowly “I don’t know”. It’s in Monica’s living room and he’s sitting on the floor! Thanks!
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This Forum

I had no idea there was a forum for FRIENDS! I’m glad to have found this omg 💛🤗
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The One With The Best Man Ever

Unless I misheard, Phoebe used the f-word when she rants about the babies. She says "bringing in into noise" and then quickly says the next line but its sounded like the f-word at the start.
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Friends is the relationship of two strangers
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Which one?

Who is better Joey or Monica??
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What quote?

Okay so what is your favorite quote from the show??
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I have a question!

What are the most hated characters, besides Emily, according to you?
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