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Who is your favourite boyfriend/girlfriend for each character?

I was just thinking about this, and I'm interested in seeing what everyone says. Without the obvious being Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike or Ross and Rachel. Who are your favourite boyfriends/girlfriends of each character? I'll start:

Joey: Rachel. Although they were not really meant to be together, it was kind of nice to see them together since they lived in the same apartment for the latter seasons. But I guess it is the process of elimination.
Chandler: Janice. She's hilarious. She always pops up at the perfect moment.
Ross: Mona. She is perfect for him. She accepted so many flaws from the Ross and Rachel situation. Shows that she really loves him. I wish they had a longer relationship or that could of happened during season 4 instead of having Emily.
Monica: Richard. This one's pretty obvious since any other guys Monica dated suck. I like that they brought him back into the picture when Chandler is about to propose; I thought it was really realistic that Monica might need more closure for that relationship. Plus it made for a nice twist.
Phoebe: David. I kind of felt sorry for him when he wanted to propose but didn't because Mike beat him to it especially the failed life he had. They were just so cute together. Shows true love.
Rachel: Joshua. I liked Rachel with Tag, it was not rushed for forced. But I would go with Joshua because it was nice to see Rachel actually have to work for a relationship.
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