Aaron Goralnik is the son of Janice Litman Goralnik and her husband Sid Goralnik.


Season 8

When Ross and Rachel were having their baby, Janice was put in the same room and revealed that she remarried and was having a son. ("The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1")

Janice later goes into labor and gives birth to a boy. Janice introduces a newborn Aaron to Rachel and Ross, making the joke that he is 'Emma's future husband'. Ross later asks Rachel in shock, "Did you see the nose on that kid?" Later on, every character who meets Aaron seems to be taken aback by his face, meaning that Aaron may be unfortunately ugly to look at.


  • Aaron would be 14 in 2016. Aaron and Emma Geller-Green, Ross and Rachel's daughter, were born the same day, meaning that Aaron's birthday is May 16th, 2002, just like Emma. It is not impossible that they would end up going to school together and be in the same grade.