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Episode The One Where They're Going To Party.
Number of episodes 1
Portrayed by Taylor Negron
Name Allesandro
Gender Male
Occupation Owner of Allesandro's

Allesandro is the owner of Allesandro's. He is shown once when he yells at Monica for writing an extremely critical review of his restaurant in the Chelsea Reporter, which he and the rest of his staff had felt publicly humiliated by. She then shows him how she personally cooks tomato sauce and impresses him, earning his reluctant respect. He is from Lebanon, which he reveals when Monica asks him:"You own an Italian restaurant and you dont know food? Where are you from, anyway?" He replies:"Lebanon". He decides to hire Monica as his new head chef at his restaurant, and gives his original head chef the sack. His final onscreen appearance is in the final scene of the episode, where he introduces Monica to his employees, who strongly dislike her partly because of the critical and humiliating review, and partly because of the fact that Alessandro sacked Chef Emilio, who was literally family to some of the employees.

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