• SueC123

    For a brief scene, joe has a date with another girl, I think to try to make Kate jealous. Who plays this girl?

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  • Ilogic450fb


    June 27, 2017 by Ilogic450fb
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  • Gashworthc17


    May 26, 2017 by Gashworthc17
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  • AquaTerra7


    February 10, 2017 by AquaTerra7


    My name is Terra. I am considering adopting this Wiki (more information on that here) due to the lack of active administrators; and good handful of active editors (some of which I believe deserve a promotion).

    Please don't hesitate to leave your personal thoughts in the comments.

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  • JohnAHall

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  • JohnAHall

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  • JohnAHall

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  • JohnAHall

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  • Cosmobo

    That's right, is the Friends Lego Set. Support it for Friends Lego.

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  • Tanya AZian

    Imagine a FRIENDS spin off in which the Gang's children : Emma,Ben,Frank Jr. Jr. ,Leslie,Chandler,Jack and Erica are now teens/young adults (Between 16 and 22) and they meet each other and have their own gang like their parents did.

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  • Chan-chanman


    May 25, 2016 by Chan-chanman

    yes, i have no life.

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  • Firestorm27

    Ross and Rachel

    January 18, 2016 by Firestorm27

    The finale left not much revealed of their relationship. Will they end up married again and raise Emma as a family with them being husband and wife?

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  • XD1

    On Wednesday, NBC announced that all six of our beloved Friends were on board for its Feb. 2 special dedicated to director James Burrows, but noted that they might not appear together in the same room. According to Entertainment Weekly, Greenblatt reaffirmed on Wednesday night that NBC was definitely trying to get them all together. However, sources now confirm that Matthew Perry is unavailable, as he is in rehearsals for his London play, "The End of Longing."

    NBC is still confident he will contribute to the event in some way, but is it still fair to refer to the event as a "reunion" with only 5/6 of the cast in attendance? Are you less likely to watch now that Chandler will be a no-show?

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  • Tooniee

    New Infoboxes

    September 7, 2015 by Tooniee

    Hey everyone!

    As some of you may have noticed, I updated the infoboxes for the episodes recently to make it look a little more modern and updated. The infoboxes contain the same info as the old ones, except for the guest actors because they're listed elsewhere on the page. Each season also has its own color so you can see in the blink of an eye which season an episode belongs too.

    Now, I was curious if the other users on here like the change. If so, I'll go ahead and adjust the other infoboxes on here to match the new style.

    I never figured out who's the active admin on here, otherwise I would have asked them before the update if it was okay.

    Have a good day and let me know what you think!

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  • Trip391


    April 19, 2015 by Trip391

    Since none of the admins have been active on this wiki in months, I was going to request to adopt the Friends wiki in the next couple of days. I would like any user still active that sees this to respond here.

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  • Shinnest

    All I know about this show is that they make interesting facts that make something funny. That's all I know.

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  • Susanfbtest

    Another test!

    January 9, 2014 by Susanfbtest


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  • Susanfbtest


    January 9, 2014 by Susanfbtest

    This is a test.

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  • Merrystar

    New Fluid Layout

    August 22, 2013 by Merrystar

    Hi. As you guys may have noticed, particularly if you have a large screen, the site layout changed a little bit yesterday. This is part of a larger design initiative across Wikia, called Project Darwin. We've been listening to all your feedback about how to improve our site, and we're combining it all together in an ongoing project for improvements. You can read the official announcement about Darwin here.

    The first step is to introduce a Fluid layout. That's what you are seeing right now in fact! We know the most important thing on wikis is the content, and we wanted to improve the support for viewers and editors on larger screens while also continuing to support people who browse on small screens such as tablets. The result is a …

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  • Susanolivia

    Every so often Wikia employees participate in "Wikia Day" a day for all of us to take a break and spend some time editing our favorite wikis. Today a group of us decided to spend the whole day editing Friends Central!

    We added videos, photos, updated the navigation, fought some vandalism and added a new top ten list. We're huge Friends fanatics ourselves and we had an amazing time editing the wiki today.

    Here are some photos from our fun editing day!

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  • Bree Weston Lover

    Admin rights

    January 29, 2013 by Bree Weston Lover

    How do you become admin on this wiki? I would like to fix up this wiki and sort of be in charge. Also, I feel that if you're going to edit something on this wiki, then you should be logged in.

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  • 12libertyw


    January 2, 2013 by 12libertyw

    Friends is my fav t.v show of all timemy fav character is Rachel green and Ross Gellar there perfect for each other dont u guys thinks

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  • A Gleek Like iSteven

    He rolls over and you leave with your wallet.

    But uh-oh!

    The cops find you and arrest you.

    You stay in prison. It's only three years. But you become depressed and hit a big cop.

    Go to court! This is unjust! He is only injured and he took my wallet!

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  • Queen Armada

    Queen Armada is separate person from Feroz.Her name is Abigail Mclaughlin.She has her own family and this is about her.Friends has a popularity to social world.They all summon to it and many dreams,fantasy dates watch Friends to keep in contact with people in their thinking.They believe by watching Friends their dream is watching or is in contact.Friends touches these people greatly and they could be the famous.Marie Crystal and Marie Angel,Mary keeps in contact with Friends.But I don't watch Friends.I don't feel like being sad.I watch action to keep going.Its from her half.These are the attactive women that are not pleased with the way they live.They do not like their families as Erika Anderson.They want to be in touch wtih someone that d…

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  • AnimeTomboy1998

    Hey! I don't know if a few of youse remember me but before the whole makeover of the Wiki I writ a blog about a comeback and about what could be included in it.

    1: The One With The Comeback

    It has been 7 years since Monica and Chandler moved away, Phoebe and Mike got married and Ross and Rachel finally had a relationship that lasted more than a year. Since then, Ross and Rachel are engaged (for real) and Phoebe and Mike are trying for children.

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  • AnimeTomboy1998

    I want to know the favourite character of every Wiki member. You have a choice from the main 6, and one vote a member.

    • Rachel Green -
    • Monica Geller -
    • Phoebe Buffay -
    • Joey Tribbiani -
    • Chandler Bing - 1
    • Ross Geller - 1

    Please vote! :) Thanks if you did.

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  • TheGirlHuFix

    Ronni Rappelano

    October 19, 2010 by TheGirlHuFix

    Ronni Rappelano is the women hus is having a affair with joseph TRippianie Sr. Even when his wife figure that out. She is working with dog funerals.

    Played by Lee Garlington and in the season "The one with the boobies"

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  • Stelios7

    One Whole Year!

    August 18, 2010 by Stelios7

    One Year and two days ago I joined this wiki and I have made 215 awesome contributions!



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  • Losxer


    June 30, 2010 by Losxer

    matthew perry is makeing a new comdey told to be chandler bing 15 years later called mr sunshine starting on abc this fall

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  • Stelios7

    Friends Fanon

    March 13, 2010 by Stelios7

    Firstly I want to say this wiki is amazing and I will be here for a while now, secondly I invite you to join my new wiki Friends Fanon!

    I made this wiki below because I loved Friends so much I wanted to make my own episodes and so can you! It will have a some information about the characters in Friends, feel free to help. You may visit it here!


    Call it bad advertising, but I want visitors on the wiki to contribute please!

    Thanks, Stelios7.

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