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First appearance The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion
Last appearance The One With The Jellyfish
Number of episodes 3
Portrayed by Christine Taylor
Gender Female

Bonnie was one of Phoebe's closest friends whom she introduced to Ross which lead to the two becoming a couple. Phoebe asked Rachel whether it would be ok if she got the two together; Rachel asked for a description of Bonnie and Phoebe said that she was bald. Rachel instantly said it was ok because she thought Bonnie was some "strange bald chick". Phoebe was in the Coffee Shop with Bonnie when Rachel walked and said she thought she just bought a soft pretzel from one of the kids from 'Fame'. Phoebe then introduces Rachel to Bonnie and Rachel is surprised to find Bonnie with a full head of hair and that she looked beautiful. Rachel and Phoebe then left the Coffee Shop and Rachel started yelling at Phoebe because she thought Bonnie was voluntarily bald and that Ross would have been put off by that. Phoebe explains that she was bald but that she was no longer.

Bonnie and Ross at Central Perk
Phoebe and Rachel walk by 'Central Perk' where they see Ross and Bonnie on the couch. Rachel got rather upset by this because she thought he was falling in love due to Bonnie having her hand on his leg.

In the next episode (Bonnie and Ross are still dating) Bonnie, Ross and Chandler were talking and it was revealed that Bonnie's first sexual experience was with a woman. She also stated the Countries and places that Bonnie had sex in. Phoebe then walks in and asks the group whether they can all go to the beach so that Phoebe could see a "close family friend" but Bonnie says "Shoot, I have to work this weekend,"

Bonnie Strips Off Top
Whilst the group are playing "Strip Happy Days Game" Bonnie walks in when Rachel tells Monica that she thinks Ross and herself will start dating again. Bonnie asks what the group is doing and she says she will catch up, and takes her top off. Later on (in the morning) the group complain about the noise they (Bonnie and Ross) were making. The happy couple then walk down the stairs and said they had a good night.
Bonnie Shave Her Hair Off Again
Rachel is outside the Beach House reading when Bonnie walks up and asks what happend to her and then says she jumped off the pier and her suit came off. Rachel looks quite disgusted by the thought. Bonnie then complains about how she brought half of the ocean in the hair and said how easier it was when she used to shave her head. Rachel then says Bonnie should do it again if it bothers her that much and lends her the razor to do so.
Bonnie Shaved Head
Bonnie walks down the stairs and (too everyone's surprise) she has shaved all of her hair off. Ross looks very disgusted and asked what Bonnie had down. Bonnie asks whether Ross liked it and asked him to touch it. He hesitantly put his hand on her head and said "You can feel all of the bones in your skull,". Bonnie runs off to go back to the Ocean because "she loves it so much" and Ross finds out that Rachel gave her the razor to shave off her hair. Bonnie then runs off to the ocean and Ross complains and says you can see the moonlight bounce off of her head. Rachel breaks out and says she does not find it easy to see Ross with her and said that she never stopped loving Ross. Rachel and Ross then share a kiss. They are later interuptted by Joey and Chandler and says to Ross that she is going to bed (giving him the nudge to follow her).
Bonnie Burnt Her Head
Ross goes upstairs and has to choose what room to go into; Bonnie's or Rachel's. He chooses Rachel's where he finds Rachel bathing Bonnie's head in 'aftersun' because Bonnie had burnt her head. Bonnie then left and said she would see Ross soon. Ross and Rachel finish the kiss and Ross says he has to go and break up with Bonnie before he does anything 'intimate' with Rachel. Ross comes back a few hours later and says that he done it, leading to Bonnie's rage. Bonnie called a cab and left straight away.

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