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Cassie Geller
Episode The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin
Number of episodes 1
Portrayed by Denise Richards
Name Cassie Geller
Gender Female
Occupation Model
Relatives Jack Geller (uncle)
Judy Geller (aunt)
Ross Geller (cousin)
Monica Geller (cousin)
Chandler Bing (cousin-in-law)
Ben Geller (first cousin, once removed)
Emma Geller (first cousin, once removed)
Jack Bing (adoptive first cousin, once removed)
Erica Bing (adoptive first cousin, once removed]]
Aunt Marilyn (possible mother)

Cassie Geller is Monica and Ross' cousin. A very beautiful woman, she causes both Chandler and bisexual Phoebe to develop a crush on her-and despite being her cousin, even Ross is sexually attracted to her, which she discovers much to her own disgust due to some highly thoughtless behavior on his part. She is played by Denise Richards.



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