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First appearance The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break
Last appearance The One With The Morning After (physical)
The One With The Invitation (flashback)
Number of episodes 2 (+1)
Portrayed by Angela Featherstone
Gender Female
Date of birth -
Occupation Xerox Shop Employee
Relationships Ross Geller (one-night stand)

Chloe is an attractive girl who works at a Xerox store in Manhattan. Her co-worker and close friend is Isaac. She played a small part in season 3 when she initially asked Joey and Chandler out- the two spending the time before the date wondering how they would manage the subsequent threesome-, but they eventually left, resulting in Chloe sleeping with Ross, who at the time was drunk and believed that his relationship with Rachel was already over. This one incident was enough to break the two up until the very end of the show, even though there were various signs that a relationship could start again in the intervening time. Chloe has no problem at all with sleeping with committed guys (even married ones) and has the habit of stealing stuff after sleeping with them.



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