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Episode The One Where Rachel Has A Baby
Number of episodes 1
Portrayed by Eddie McClintock
Name Cliff
Gender Male

Cliff is the guy who Phoebe met in the hospital, although Cliff's leg was broken.

Phoebe asked Joey to go in and ask him personal questions before she went in to speak to him herself He got freaked out when seeing Joey on the TV, then joey ran in and he got even more freaked out

Joey then started telling him personal stuff about Phoebe to even out the score of making cliff tell him personal stuff:

- She was married to a gay ice dancer

- She gave birth ti her brothers triplets

- Her twin sister used to do porn!

But she wanted to idle down the crazy and not freak him out more!

He was as a widower, his wife had a heart attack.

He was 33.

He didn't like anything weird sexually.

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