David Crane (born August 13, 1957 in Philadelphia) is an American writer and producer. He was one of the creators of Friends, along with his longtime friend Marta Kauffman. He is primarily known for his comedic writing.

Crane attended Harriton High school in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, and received his bachelor's degree from Brandeis University.

He lives with his partner, Jeffrey Klarik. Together, they have created the ensemble sitcom, The Class.

Selected filmography

  • The Class, 2006 (creator, writer and executive producer)
  • Jesse, 1998 (executive producer)
  • Veronica's Closet, 1996 (creator, executive producer)
  • Friends, 1994 (creator, writer and executive producer)
  • Dream On, 1990, (Writer/Producer)

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