Eric is a fashion photographer who once wanted to move in with Chandler. When he informs Chandler that there will be models coming over from time to time and that he spends most of the weekends at the beach house of his sister, a porn star, where Chandler is welcome too, Chandler decides that Eric will be his new roommate in lieu of Joey. However, just as Eric is about to move in with Chandler, he encounters Chandler's neighbour Mr Heckles in the hallway, who for some unexplained reason tells Eric that HE is Chandler's new roommate, and he sent Eric away before wandering into Chandler's room, much to Chandler's shock. When Eric didn't arrive, Chandler, failing to realize that Heckles had sent him away prior to wandering into his room, angrily assumed he simply hadn't bothered to turn up and accepted Joey as his new roommate instead. After being sent away by Heckles, Eric is never seen again.

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