Some fans of the Friends show have created their own fan fiction of the show. This page aims to list some of it.

Friends Fan Fiction on

A lot of Friends’ fan fiction ordered chronologically. Note that crossovers are somewhat hard to access.

The One with the Fountainhead

A two-part episode of Friends that parodies the book The Fountainhead by the Russian-American novelist Ayn Rand . The abstract reads:

This is a parody about Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead, modelled around a two part episode of the Television show Friends. Somewhat unhappy with the original book, the six friends in the show role-play their own version of The Fountainhead, while trying to improve upon it. Will they succeed?

The Friends’ characters play the following characters from the book:

  • Ross plays Howard Roark.
  • Chandler plays Peter Keating.
  • Phoebe plays Catherine Halsey.
  • Rachel plays Dominique Francon.
  • Joey plays Gail Wynand.
  • Monica plays Elizabeth Rouseley: a character not in the original book, and Gail Wynand's ladyfriend, or as he puts it the “current love-of-my-life”.