Jasmine is one of Phoebe's co-workers at the massage parlor and is also Gunther's roommate, and coworker at Central Perk. Her brother is Isaac from the Xerox store, and through him she learned about Ross Geller's drunken affair with Chloe, as Ross at the time mistakenly believed that his relationship with Rachel was already over. Upon learning that she knows of the affair he had, Ross asks her not to tell Phoebe, knowing that Phoebe will subsequently tell Rachel. Jasmine agrees, but then reveals that she has already informed Gunther of the affair-and Gunther, as it turns out, has already told Rachel.


  • She also appears in The Pilot, working as a waitress at this period of time.
  • She also appears in the The One With Frank Jr. as a masseuse, and she attends Phoebe's baby shower in The One With the Worst Best Man Ever and appears again in season 1 at Phoebe's party.


the pilot

the one with two parts

the one with frank jr

the one with the morning after

the one with the worst best man ever

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