Joel Beeson
Role(s) The Hombre Man
Number of episodes 1
Gender Male

Joel Beeson is the actor who portrays The Hombre Man.


  • Ballistic (1995) - Ray
  • California Dreams - Dr. Joe (1 episode, 1995)
  • Baywatch Nights - Grant Styles (1 episode, 1995)
  • Friends - The Hombre Man (1 episode, 1995)
  • The Favor (1994) - Young Tom Andrews
  • Desideria e l'anello del drago (1994) TV mini-series - Prince Victor
  • Columbo: A Bird in the Hand(1992) (TV) - Clyde
  • Freshman Dorm - Michael (1 episode, 1992)
  • Death Becomes Her (1992) - Lisle's Bodyguard


  • Was the spokesmodel for Preferred Stock men's cologne in the early 90's.
  • Was a Chippendale dancer.

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