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Joey and the Tijuana Trip

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Joey and the Tijuana Trip
Joey episode
Season 2
Episode no. 12
Written by Robert Carlock
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Original airdate December 15, 2005
Episode List
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"Joey and the High School Friend"
"Joey and the Christmas Party"

This is the twelfth episode of the second season of Joey


Joey and friends pick for secret santa, Alex hopes for Joey and gets him. Then Michael comes and says that he and Abby are broken up. Joey says being single is great and to prove he takes Michael and Zack to a trip to Tijuana. Dean starts hitting on Alex while Gina ask Michael FDA undapproved yellow pills that make her go crazy. While in Mexico Michael meets a girl named Elisa and fails miserably (he talks about his mom's body) luckily she only understands Spanish and very little English. Later on the find out that a very drunk Joey and Zack got married in Mexico. Meanwhile Alex goes wild and changes for the better. When Joey asks her to help fix this she plays a trick on them. Later Zack and JOey are not legally married because of the male-male marriage and Joey did not sign with his real name.

Cast and Characters

Joey Tribbiani - Matt LeBlanc

Gina Tribbiani -Drea de Matteo

Alex Garrett - Andrea Anders

Zach Miller - Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Michael Tribbiani - Paulo Costanzo

Bobbie Morganstern - Jennifer Coolidge


Joey and Zach marrying in Mexico while drunk is very similar to when Ross and Rachel marry in Vegas in the Friends episode "The One in Vegas".

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