Julio the cat is a cat that appears in "The One With The Cat". Julio first looks into Phoebe's guitar case and Phoebe, for a second, tries to shoo him away. But she soon thinks the cat is the reincarnated spirit of her dead mother, Lily. She deduces this from certain things such as: "the feeling" and Julio going into her guitar case which is lined with orange felt (her mother's favorite fish was orange roughy). Julio tries to get away from Phoebe every now and then throughout the episode. Phoebe doesn't realize that this cat is a lost one belonging to a little girl. The friends eventually try to break it to her but, at first, don't have the guts to. She takes Julio into Joey and Chandler's apartment and Ross reveals "Mrs. Buffay's" real name is Julio. He tells her about the little girl and orders her to take Julio back. Phoebe, upset by Ross's words, places Julio on a shelf and then asks Ross to apologize to her and "her mother." Ross then apologizes, addressing Julio as "Mrs. Buffay," and admits that Julio is indeed his friend's mother reincarnated. They then take Julio back to the little girl. She also says to Julio that she can come and visit any time she likes.

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