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The following is a list of episodes of the Friends spin-off Joey. Joey ran for 2 seasons and consisted of 38 episodes (with 8 remaining unaired) which were first broadcast between September 9, 2004 until it was canceled in May 2006.


Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
1 24 2004 – 2005 May 30, 2006
2 22 2005 – 2006 April 29, 2008 (Region 1)

Season 1: 2004-2005

       Main article: Joey Season One
# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 1 103293 "Pilot" Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri Kevin S. Bright September 8, 2004
When Joey's new TV show is cancelled and the show he turned down is a big hit, it leaves Joey kicking himself and in search of work. Joey's nephew wants to leave his mother's house and live with his cool uncle but is afraid to tell her.
2 2 103294 "Joey and the Student" Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri Kevin S. Bright September 16, 2004
When Joey plans to teach Michael how to pick up women, Gina invites herself along, even though the guys don't want her to come. Joey finds out that Alex is the one who has been placing complaint notes about everything he does and that everyone hates her because of this.
3 3 103295 "Joey and the Party" Robert Carlock Gail Mancuso September 23, 2004
Joey and Michael plan a party, with the hopes that Joey makes a new friend. Michael's college rival announces he'll be showing up with his girlfriend, Michael tries to compete by enlisting the help of Alex to play his fake girlfriend. Guest Star: Jayma Mays As Molly
4 4 103296 "Joey and the Book Club" John Quaintance Andrew D. Weyman September 30, 2004
To woo a girl in his book club, Michael assigns a romantic novel to the group. However, when he tries to make his move, he finds out that she is already in love with Joey. Gina makes a deal with Alex in order to get more work.
5 5 UnderstudyPerfectStorm "Joey and the Perfect Storm" Vanessa McCarthy David Schwimmer October 7, 2004
When Joey gets the job of understudying in three different plays, it leaves him in a tight spot when all three main actors call in sick. Meanwhile, there is a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey, Michael, and Alex try to hide it from Gina.
6 6 103298 "Joey and the Nemesis" Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer Kevin S. Bright October 14, 2004
An actor named Brian Michael David Scott repeatedly tricks Joey into missing auditions. When Michael gets sick, Gina moves into Joey's place to take care of him, and Joey moves to Gina's place to get away from them. However, when staying at Gina's, her secret boyfriend mistakes Joey for her, and snuggles up to him.
7 7 103299 "Joey and the Husband" Brian Kelley Gail Mancuso October 21, 2004
Joey finally meets Alex's husband, Eric, and is stunned when Eric is not threatened by him. Joey decides to donate his savings to Gina so she can open up her own salon, but she has second thoughts.
8 8 103300 "Joey and the Dream Girl, Part 1" Brian Buckner Gary Halvorson November 4, 2004
Gina's high school friend Donna, who Joey used to have a huge crush on, visits. Joey promises Gina he won't do anything with Donna but cannot resist. Michael learns he used to be a great baseball player when he was younger.
9 9 103301 "Joey and the Dream Girl, Part 2" Robert Carlock Gary Halvorson November 11, 2004
Joey tries to plan the perfect week for Donna, so she chooses him over her husband, who is attempting to reconcile with her. Alex discovers that she can get free stuff because she is a "hot girl".
10 10 103302 "Joey and the Big Audition" John Quaintance Sheldon Epps November 18, 2004
11 11 103303 "Joey and the Road Trip" Vanessa McCarthy Kevin S. Bright December 2, 2004
12 12 258194 "Joey and the Plot Twist" Story by John Pollack, Teleplay by Craig DeGregorio Kevin S. Bright December 9, 2004
13 13 103305 "Joey and the Taste Test" Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri David Schwimmer January 6, 2005
14 14 103306 "Joey and the Premiere" Matt Hubbard Kevin S. Bright January 13, 2005
15 15 "Joey and the Assistant" John Quintance & Brian Kelley Andrew D. Weyman January 20, 2005
16 16 "Joey and the Tonight Show" Doty Abrams Andrew D. Weyman February 3, 2005
17 17 "Joey and the Valentine's Date" Story by Brian Kelley, Teleplay by Robert Carlock Andrew D. Weyman February 10, 2005
18 18 "Joey and the Wrong Name" Story by Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer, Teleplay by Matt Hubbard Kevin S. Bright February 17, 2005
19 19 "Joey and the Fancy Sister" Robert Carlock & Brian Buckner Gary Halvorson February 24, 2005
20 20 "Joey and the Neighbor" Story by Nicholas Darrow, Teleplay by Vanessa McCarthy Gary Halvorson March 24, 2005
21 21 "Joey and the Spying" Story by Tracy Reilly, Teleplay by Brian Buckner Kevin S. Bright April 21, 2005
22 22 "Joey and the Temptation" Story by Craig DeGregorio, Teleplay by Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer Sheldon Epps May 5, 2005
23 23 "Joey and the Breakup" Story by John Quintance, Teleplay by Nicholas Darrow Andrew D. Weyman May 12, 2005
24 24 "Joey and the Moving In" Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silveri Kevin S. Bright May 12, 2005

Season 2: 2005-2006

       Main article: Joey Season Two
# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 25 299331 "Joey and the Big Break, Part 1" Scott Silveri Kevin S. Bright September 22, 2005
Things become awkward between Joey and Alex after having sex. Due to Joey's popularity on Deep Powder, Bobbie makes some outrageous demands leading to him being fired. Gina starts working for Bobbie. A young aspiring actress moves in the complex and thinks Michael is Joey.
2 26 299332 "Joey and Big Break, Part 2" Robert Carlock Kevin S. Bright September 22, 2005
Hearing voices in his head causes Joey to blow a couple of auditions. Gina gets to tell everyone bad news for Bobbie, Michael wants Joey to go on a double date with him, and Alex wants Joey to take her on a romantic date so she feels better about sleeping with him.
3 27 Joey s2e3 "Joey and the Spanking" Michael Borkow Kevin S. Bright September 29, 2005
4 28 "Joey and the Stuntman" John Quaintance Kevin S. Bright October 6, 2005
5 29 "Joey and the House" Brett Baer & Dave Finkel Ben Weiss October 13, 2005
6 30 "Joey and the ESL" Vanessa McCarthy Peter Bonerz October 20, 2005
7 31 "Joey and the Poker" Matt Hubbard Kevin S. Bright November 3, 2005
8 32 "Joey and the Sex Tape" Linda Videtti Figueiredo Kevin S. Bright November 10, 2005
9 33 "Joey and the Musical" Vanessa McCarthy Gary Halvorson November 17, 2005
10 34 "Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving" John Quaintance Kevin S. Bright November 24, 2005
11 35 "Joey and the High School Friend" Michael Borkow Sheldon Epps December 8, 2005
12 36 "Joey and the Tijuana Trip" Robert Carlock Gary Halvorson December 15, 2005
13 37 "Joey and the Christmas Party" Matt Hubbard & Linda Videtti Figueiredo Gary Halvorson December 15, 2005
14 38 "Joey and the Snowball Fight" Tracy Reilly & Matt Hubbard Kevin S. Bright March 7, 2006
15 39 "Joey and the Dad" Robert Carlock & John Quaintance Kevin S. Bright April 18, 2006 (in Latin America)
16 40 "Joey and the Party For Alex" Vanessa McCarthy Gil Cates Jr. May 9, 2006 (in Latin America)
17 41 "Joey and the Big Move" Jean Yu Gary Halvorson May 16, 2006 (in Latin America)
18 42 "Joey and the Beard" Dan Holden & Linda Videtti Figueiredo Peter Bonerz May 23, 2006 (in Latin America)
19 43 "Joey and the Critic" Michael Borkow Ben Weiss June 6, 2006 (in Ireland)
20 44 "Joey and the Actor's Studio" John Quaintance Kevin S. Bright June 28, 2006 (in Ireland)
21 45 "Joey and the Holding Hands" Vanessa McCarthy & Robert Carlock Peter Bonerz May 30, 2006 (in Latin America)
22 46 Final "Joey and the Wedding" Alison Flierl & John Quaintance Kevin S. Bright August 23, 2006 (in Latin America)

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