Chandler and Monica's wedding in Season 7.

Marriages are a recurring theme on Friends. Almost all episodes with a wedding are named after the wedding and have the wedding as only event in the episode.

Before the show

Ross and Carol's Wedding

Ross and Carol married before the show began and is thus unseen.

Season 1


Rachel having just run out on her wedding.

Barry & Rachel's Wedding

Rachel was engaged to marry Barry Farber, but escaped through the bathroom window after she realized she didn't love him.

Season 2


Carol and Susan's wedding.

Carol & Susan's Wedding

In the titular episode, Carol and Susan get married. In the episode Monica is catering and Ross is talking Carol into still marrying Susan after finding out her parents don't approve.

Barry & Mindy's Wedding

The Season 2 finale took place at Barry's wedding to Mindy Hunter.

Season 3

Frank Jr. & Alice's Marriage

In Season 3, Phoebe's brother Frank Buffay Jr. revealed that he was going to marry a woman, Alice Knight, 26 years his senior. While it bothered Phoebe at first, Frank and Alice showed that they were truly in l
ove. Joey and Ross were so touched that they became the best man and ring bearer respectively. However, in the Season 4 episode, "The One With Phoebe's Uterus", Frank and Alice reveal that they had decided to simply get married at the Courthouse, while having lunch.

Season 4


Ross & Emily's Wedding

In the middle of Season 4, Ross meets Emily Waltham, a woman from London. After knowing each other for only six weeks, they decide to get married. This ends disastrously, however, when Ross says Rachel's name at the altar. To make matters worse, Ross was going to take Rachel to the honeymoon until he saw Emily and chased after her. They finally got a divorce when Ross said he cannot live without seeing Rachel and that was Emily's only demand.

Season 5


Ross and Rachel get married.

Ross & Rachel's Marriage

In the Season 5 finale, Ross and Rachel stumble drunkenly out of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. In the morning, neither of them remember the event and agree to get it annulled. When Ross decides that he cannot have three failed marriages, he decides not to get the annulment and stay married to Rachel... without her knowledge. Eventually, Rachel finds out, and tries putting a disastrous end to their short-lived marriage. However they took the reason for the annulment overboard and were forced to get a divorce.

Season 7

Cousin Franny's Wedding

In The One With All The Cheesecakes, Monica learns that her cousin Franny is getting married, but did not invite her to the wedding. To make matters worse, she learns that Ross ("and guest") did get invited. Monica forces him to bring her as his guest so she can confront Franny. At the wedding, Monica asks her "what [she] could have possibly done" to make her not invite her. At that moment, the groom approaches. It is Stuart, one of Monica's ex-boyfriends. Ross tells her "it's more of a question of who could you have done."


Monica and Chandler's wedding

Chandler & Monica's Wedding

The season 7 finale revolves around the long-awaited marriage of Chandler and Monica. In this marriage, Chandler runs away because he is frightened by the thought of being the "Bings." Ross and Phoebe finds him in his office and helps him have the courage to get married. Also Phoebe starts telling people Monica is a pregnant bride because she saw a pregnancy test which was actually Rachel's. Also Joey is stuck doing his movie and almost misses being the minister but he makes it just in time and marries Chandler and Monica. Phoebe and Rachel are the bridesmaids. Ross is the best man.

Season 10


Phoebe and Mike's wedding.

Phoebe & Mike's Wedding

In Season 10, Phoebe married long-time boyfriend Mike Hannigan. When their wedding was almost cancelled due to a blizzard, they decided to have the ceremony outside of Central Perk in the snow. Because the minister could not make it, Joey married the two of them. Rachel and Monica were both bridesmaids, Chandler gave Phoebe away, and Ross held Mike's dog, Chappy.

Other Seasons

Janice and Gary Litman 

Janice and Gary marry early in the show off-screen, possibly in Season 1 or 2.

Janice and Sid Goralnik

At some point before "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1," Janice and Sid marry.

After the Show

Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel remarried not long after the series ended, with a proper ceremony, bringing them a closer family with their daughter, Emma.

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