This prom took place in Monica and Rachel's senior year.


In their senior year, Monica and Rachel went to prom where Rachel was supposed to go with Chip Matthews and Monica with Roy Gublik.

For some reason, Chip didn't show up at the Geller house. When he didn't turn up for long, Monica's parents Jack and Judy tried to convince their son Ross to take her instead.

Ross ran upstairs and went to put on his father's tuxedo and just as he was about to ask Rachel, Chip had shown up already and all 4 students left, stalking out the door. Ross was left rejected and heartbroken.

But at the prom, Rachel couldn't find Chip for 2 hours and had sex with Amy Welsh.


In The One With The Prom Video, the preparation was recorded and when Rachel saw that Ross intended to go with her as her replacement date, she forgave him for a list he wrote about her and his ex-girlfriend Julie and they started a relationship.

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