5x21 Whiskerson

Rachel holds Mrs. Whiskerson on her velvet pillow.

Mrs. Whiskerson is the cat Rachel owns in "The One With The Ball". Mrs. Whiskerson is a Sphynx, a rare breed of cat that lacks coat. The cat, which costs Rachel $1000, is reminiscent of her grandmother's similar cat with whom Rachel used to play as a child. Rachel's friends, however, are repulsed by the cat's visually unappealing look. Ross maintains that it is "inside out"; Joey strongly dismisses its being a cat. Gunther is unable to decide what creature Mrs. Whiskerson is and satirically asks whether it is a snake.

Rachel soon learns that Mrs. Whiskerson is by no means as friendly as her grandmother's cat. It scratches Rachel and hisses at her any time she goes near. (Rachel is convinced that it hisses "Rachel!") Eventually, Rachel decides to sell Mrs. Whiskerson. She has no luck in doing so, until Gunther buys it for $1500. He tells Rachel that she can visit Mrs. Whiskerson any time she wants. What happens to the cat after this point is unknown.