Mrs. Adelman's first name was Rose, she was married and she likes butterscotch sweets. She died on the 18 January 1996 which means she was born around 1914.

Mrs. Adelman lived in New York city and died when she was 82 on Phoebe's massage table. After her death Phoebe is possessed by Mrs. Adelman, because she had unfinished business and needs to stay on Earth until she finishes it. Phoebe speaks to Mr. Adelman to see what sort of unfinished business might be causing his wife to linger in Phoebe's body. He tells Phoebe that Mrs. Adelman always wanted to "see everything" before she died. Phoebe takes Mrs. Adelman to a bunch of New York sites, but it doesn't seem to be enough until they attend Carol Willick and Susan Bunch's lesbian wedding where Mrs. Adelman proclaims through Phoebe "now I've seen everything!" and then moves on.

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