Nancy is an employee and former colleague of Rachel's at Bloomingdale's. She appeared in "The One With All The Jealousy" where Mark has a crush on her. He was crazy about her. Ross snuck up outside the entrance to Rachel's office and heard her saying "Oh, that is so sweet! Oh!". Ross was thinking that Mark was telling Rachel he's crazy about her, but didn't notice she had left the room to go get coffee. He then hears Mark saying that he wants to touch and hold Nancy (Ross thinks it's Rachel) and then tells her to kiss him since there's no one around. But then Ross, disgusted, enters and breaks Mark and Nancy up, grabbing Mark and pushing him away, and then throws a Love Bug at him. Rachel, seeing all this, says "Ross!", causing Ross to stand still and turns to see Nancy. He then fakes that he was trying to find a tie and needs some service, and says 'Hello' to Rachel and puts his hand on her shoulder, only for her to push it away.

She is never seen again after this.


  • Nancy is not named in the episode, but she was credited as 'Nancy' during the credits.