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First appearance The One With The Blackout
Last appearance The One With Ross' New Girlfriend
Number of episodes 4
Portrayed by Cosimo Fusco
Name Paolo
Nicknames The Wienie from Torini

Crap Weasel (by Ross)

Gender Male
Relationships Rachel Green (ex-girlfriend)

Paolo was Rachel's Italian boyfriend from Season 1.


Paolo is first introduced in "The One With The Blackout", while Rachel is trying to find the owner of a cat that got scared and ended up scratching Ross. Paolo lives in the same building as Rachel and Monica. He speaks very little English and his relationship with Rachel starts off as nothing more than a fling.

Ross is extremely jealous of Paolo and makes fun of him behind his back every chance he gets (he took advantage of the fact that Paolo speaks little English by calling him a "crap weasel" to his face).

Eventually Paolo makes a pass at Phoebe during a massage, consequently ending his relationship with Rachel. He appears again in the second season, where Rachel sleeps with him because she felt depressed about Ross and Julie. When asked where she ran into him, she says, "at his apartment." She later broke up with him.



In the Italian version, Paolo is called Pablo and is Spanish.

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