Friends Thanksgiving Quiz

  • 1
    In The One Where Underdog Gets Away what faux disease does Joey's family think he has?
    • Syphilis
    • Crabs
    • Gonorrhea
    • Venereal Disease
    Venereal Disease
    Joey turns to modeling for money, with unintended consequences when his PSA campaign shows him as the spokesmodel for VD.
  • 2
    In The One With The Rumor what rumor do Will (Brad Pitt) and Ross spread about Rachel in high school?
    • She made out with the school librarian
    • She made out with Lance Davis on the Senior Hayride
    • She was actually a man
    • She had both male and female reproductive parts
    She had both male and female reproductive parts
    Will and Ross formed an "I Hate Rachel Green" club in high school. On their mission to get back at Rachel they spread a rumor that Rachel is "half and half."
  • 3
    In The One Where Ross Got High which of the following secrets is NOT talked about?
    • Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced AGAIN
    • Chandler made out with a dude
    • Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did
    • Ross smoked pot in college
    Chandler made out with a dude
    All of these "secrets" are revealed in the series, but we only find out that Chandler made out with a dude in a different episode.
  • 4
    In The One Where Chandler doesn't like dogs, what does Ross not like?
    • Puppies
    • Pink wool sweater
    • Ice cream
    • Phoebe
    Ice cream
    After the gang finds out that Chandler doesn't like dogs, Joey says that it's like Ross "not liking ice cream." Ross defends himself saying that ice cream is "too cold!"
  • 5
    In The One With Rachel's Other Sister what food was Amy originally planning to eat for Thanksgiving?
    • Turkey
    • Caviar
    • Grilled cheese
    • Sushi
    Amy is distraught when she learns that her boyfriend has cancelled their planned Thanksgiving dinner -- they were going to have sushi!
  • 6
    In The One With The Football what does Joey think the Netherlands is?
    • A place where Peter Pan lives
    • He thinks it's a state
    • He thinks it's a country
    • He thinks it's a car
    A place where Peter Pan lives
    When Joey and Chandler fight over the Dutch girl, Chandler asks Joey where the Netherlands is and Joey replies "Nice try." He then explains that the Netherlands is a magical place where Peter Pan lives. Oh, Joey.
  • 7
    In The One With The Late Thanksgiving what does Rachel claim the trophy she is holding was for?
    • A beauty pageant
    • A pie eating contest
    • Attending the Knicks game
    • An adult Thanksgiving Day spelling bee
    An adult Thanksgiving Day spelling bee
    Rachel doesn't want Ross to know that she entered Emma into a beauty pageant and when he sees the trophy Emma won Rachel needs an excuse. Instead of telling truth she claims that she won a spelling bee.
  • 8
    In The One With Chandler In A Box who is the extra guest at Thanksgiving with the Friends?
    • Will Colbert
    • Tag Jones
    • Timothy Burke
    • Jack Geller
    Timothy Burke
    When Monica gets ice in her eye she needs to go to the eye doctor. Her eye doctor is her ex, Richard, so she's happy when she finds out the on call doctor is there instead. She and the on call doctor fall for each other, and she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner, even though he's Richard's son Timothy!
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