This unnamed character first appeared in an episode of the second season of Friends, and then many years later in an episode of the first season of Joey.

In the Friends episode The One With The Prom Video, he is the manager of a resturant Monica attempts to get a job working as a chef at, but his perverted attitude during his interview with her causes her to feel offended and disgusted and leave the room. He appears to have a bizarre fetish for women making salad, as he apparently began to have an orgasm after asking Monica to make him a salad and describe what she was doing to him as she did it.

At some point during the many years that took place between this episode of Friends and the Joey episode Joey And The Wrong Name, the manager apparently quit his job (or may have been sacked for sexual harrassement, given his perverted nature) and got into showbusiness, and by the time he met Joey, he had became a successful film producer. He is furious when Joey presents an award for Best Supporting Actress at the Daytime Soap Awards to the wrong person (after saying the actress' name twice, really just because he was delighted that he had finally pronounced her name correctly) and threatens to have him banned from all Turner Broadcasting System award shows.

The character's name is never revealed at any point in either episode-actor Patrick Kerr is credited as "The Resturant Manager" in The One With The Prom Video, and "The Producer" in Joey And The Wrong Name. Since the characters are portrayed by the same actor however, it is safe to assume they are the same person.

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