Rick Sanoven was a former massage client of Phoebe.

When Phoebe started to massage him, she became very attracted to Rick but wasn't allowed to be involved with him because it was against the rules. Prior to their next appointment Phoebe wore jewelry on her feet to do what Monica and the other friends called "feet flirting". During the massage, Rick takes notice of and compliments her feet. Rick then asks Phoebe to massage his butt and when asked why, he says it was sore from sitting in for the organization called green peace but during it Phoebe bites his butt. While asking her friends how to control herself around him, they tell her to distract herself and Joey gives her suggestions (baseball, sandwich's and Chandler).

During the next massage, Joey's first two suggestions failed to work but thinking about Chandler helped distract Phoebe from her urges. However Phoebe loses track of time and massages Rick for hours after the session was supposed to end, Phoebe then confesses to Rick that she has a crush on him even though it's against the rules but Rick says that he'll just get another masseuse so they could be together and they start kissing. While they were making out, Phoebe's boss walks in and catches them in the act, Phoebe tries to claim that she and Rick are married but her boss then says that Rick's "other" wife has been calling asking where he was, revealing that Rick is actually married to another woman. As a result, Phoebe is fired and branded a "whore" by her boss.