Robert is a Californian jockey who Phoebe briefly dates in "The One Where Monica and Richard are Friends." Everything goes well and he has a friendly introduction to Chandler and Ross until, shortly afterwards, Robert sits and Chandler is able to see right up his shorts; not a pretty sight! Ross, Joey and Rachel notice this as well and also Phoebe, who has a difficult time coping with it. She hastily buys him stretchy pants and, although Robert is grateful, he confesses that he doesn't like tight pants. Eventually, Phoebe and Robert sit down together and Phoebe tries to explain, but Robert interrupts at the first words, thinking that she wants to break-up with him. He then complains, obliviously letting out jokes about his problem: "is it something I'm putting out there?" and, "is it me? Or am I just nuts?''"

Phoebe, lost for words, doesn't know what to say until Gunther crudely points out, "hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house!"