Roger is a psychiatrist that Phoebe dates in "The One With The Boobies". Initially bemused by the wacky, quirky, goofy personalities of the friends, he eventually causes them to take a dislike to him by being too analytical about their personality and psychological issues. He demonstrates the ability to correctly guess unpleasant facts about their backgrounds and lives from the issues in question even when he hasn't actually been asked to demonstrate it at all. The fact that the friends take offence to his analytically cruel explanations doesn't seem to matter to him in the slightest, which suggests that he is actually a rather unpleasant person who enjoys the power over other people given to him by this ability of his. When Phoebe later informs him of the fact that they don't like him, he responds by expressing his highly negative opinion of them as a group, in the process having a mini-breakdown, taking it out on the Central Perk cups' size (saying "they might as well have nipples on them!"). He is never seen again after that, but in the next scene she appears in, Phoebe informs her friends that she has realized what a nasty person Roger really is and has broken up with him.


  • Roger is mentioned in the next episode, when Phoebe mentions that he asked her out for Valentine's Day. The girls make her remember that she broke up with him because "he was creepy... and mean... and a little frightening."

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