Apartamento ross1

The interior of Ross' third and final apartment

This is the two bedroom apartment across the street of Monica's Apartment. For the first four seasons and the first half of the fifth season of Friends, it was occupied by Ugly Naked Guy. When the guys see him packing in The One Where Everybody Finds Out, Ross decides to fill in an application and try to bribe the renter with a basket of mini-muffins. Ultimately, Ross obtains the apartment in this episode when he drinks tea with Ugly Naked Guy and sharing his mini-muffins as an attempt to bond with him. He lives in this apartment for the rest of the series.

Things don't start in the best way for Ross in the new apartment - he spots Monica and Chandler fooling around (he's still unaware of their relationship), he shows signs of uncontrolled rage in front of his boss in spotting Monica and Chandler, which gets him fired from the museum. After that, the house-warming party he holds when he moves in is a total failure to which only he and Phoebe attend after being kicked out of another party for the retiring handyman, Ross having declined to contribute to the handyman's retirement fund because he had only just moved in (in The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey).

Even though the guys often express positive criticism about Ross' apartment, they rarely spend time there, with the exception of Rachel (especially from being pregnant with Emma to the rest of the series), although Phoebe also lived there for a few days to give Chandler and Monica some time to themselves after they became engaged. However, the apartment is shown a lot more than his old apartments. Also, unlike Monica's apartment, none of the other guys have keys to Ross' place. This becomes a problem for him in The One With Ross's Step Forward when he gives girlfriend Mona his key, as they contemplating moving in together (Although the key argument eventually proves that the two of them are moving too fast). The bedroom is first and only seen in the beginning of The Last One, Part 1, after Ross and Rachel have slept together and she then moves back in with him when they get back together in The Last One, Part 2. Although, its likely they moved into a bigger apartment or a house after becoming a proper family, with their daughter Emma.


  • Out of all of Ross' apartments in the show, this is the only apartment of Ross' in which all of Ross, Monica and Rachel's family members have been seen inside, except Jack and Sandra, respectively.
  • Rachel moved in with Ross into this apartment in The One With The Secret Closet (S8E14), until The One Where Monica Sings (S9E13), when she moves back in with Joey. However, Rachel moves back in here with Ross when they get back together in series finale. Although, its likely they might have moved out into a house with Emma, after getting married.
  • The building has no elevator, even for freight.
Ross aparment
Ross apartment