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Ross Eustace Geller
First appearance The Pilot
Last appearance The Last One
Number of episodes 236
Portrayed by David Schwimmer
Nicknames Ross-a-tron, Rossie, Ross - The Divorce Force, Red Ross, Dr. Geller, Wet Head, Mental Geller, Wet Pants Geller (High School) Mr. Big Shot,[1] Dino-Guy (in Joey), Bea (by his younger self), The Dinosaur Guy (by Chloe), Cookie Duuude (by NYU Students)
Gender Male
Date of birth March or October 18, 1967
Occupation Paleontologist
College Professor
Relatives Biological:
Jack Geller (father)
Judy Geller (mother)
Monica Geller (sister)
Ben Geller (son)
Emma Geller-Green (daughter)
Althea (maternal grandmother)
Cassie Geller (cousin)
Jack Geller-Bing (nephew)
Erica Geller-Bing (niece)
Carol Willick (ex-wife)
Emily Waltham (ex-wife)
Rachel Green (wife)
Chandler Bing (brother-in-law)
George Willick (ex-father-in-law)
Adelaide Willick (ex-mother-in-law)
Stephen Waltham (ex-father-in-law)
Mrs. Waltham (ex-mother-in-law)
Andrea Waltham (ex-stepmother-in-law)
Leonard Green (father-in-law)
Sandra Green (mother-in-law)
Amy Green (sister-in-law)
Jill Green (sister-in-law)

—Ross when he talks about the reason why he and Rachel broke up

Dr. Ross Eustace Geller, Ph.D. (born October 18, 1967) is a fictional character on the popular US television sitcom Friends (1994–2004), portrayed by David Schwimmer.


Season 1

Ross divorces Carol sometime before "The Pilot," leading him into depression until he meets Rachel, whom had just escaped from her wedding with Barry. He realises that he's fallen for Rachel, but his plans are ruined when Rachel meets Paolo, an Italian guy whom Ross deeply hates. He moves into a new place all by himself, but due to loneliness he buys Marcel (a monkey) and begins a humorously troubling relationship. He also becomes a father, as Carol is pregnant with his baby.[2]

Rachel and Paolo's relationship disturbs Ross deeply, but he keeps his feelings for Rachel to himself, except when he overdoses on medicine during Nana's funeral. Rachel, believing their relationship to be strictly plutonic, admits "I love you too" and Ross claims "You don't get it."[3] His hate towards Paolo is so great that even Chandler's mom, Nora Tyler Bing, comforts him and tells him that someday he and Rachel will end up together. Ross ends up kissing Nora, which upsets Chandler.[4]

Eventually Rachel breaks up with Paolo for trying to make a move on Phoebe. Ross tries to make a move on Rachel but she claims that she is sick of man and doesn't want to be with a man. When the girls play poker against the boys but fail, this leads to Ross becoming severely competitive towards Rachel, who at the time was waiting for a response to her job interview. At the end, Rachel wins the poker match, hinting that Ross may let her win and ultimately, that Ross' feelings for Rachel have returned. Then he tries to make another move on Rachel, but she loses his monkey, resulting in a fight. When they finally forgive each other, Barry, who got engaged with Mindy, interrupts and claims his love for Rachel. Ross also has to give Marcel away because he has reached sexual maturity. The next time he tries to make a move on Rachel he is interrupted by the birth of his son, which leads to a big fight with Susan, Carol's partner, about the name of the baby. The fight leads a disturbed Phoebe who talks to them about their fighting in a janitor's closet which they get locked inside of. Ross and Susan almost miss the birth of the baby, but the janitor lets them out in time for them to get to Susan. Pheobe puts on a janitor's uniform while they were locked in the janitor's closet with a name tag that has the name Ben on it, which the three of them agree should be the name of the baby.[5]

Ross leaves for China and during his absence Chandler lets it slip that Ross is in love with Rachel. A disturbed Rachel decides to let the whole thing slip but then she sees an apparition of Ross appears during her date. Ross' apparition convinces her to give it a shot, so she rushes to the airport to pick up Ross, but she finds him getting off the plane with another woman.[6]

Season 2

Ross is actually happy with Julie, his new girlfriend and temporarily forgets about Rachel. The rest of his friends all hate Julie because they want Ross and Rachel to be together. Ross eventually finds out about Rachel's feelings in The One Where Ross Finds Out, and they even kiss for the first time. With help from Joey and Chandler, he makes a list of pros and cons for both Rachel and Julie, to help decide who he wants to pursue.[7] Rachel then finds the list, gets mad at Ross, and harbors a grudge against him. Ross tries to repair things in the next weeks, but horribly fails. But when Monica finds a video of her and Rachel getting ready for their prom, Rachel discovers that Ross was going to take her to the prom when her date stood her up, but as he came down the stairs, her date does show up, leaving Ross heartbroken. Knowing this, Rachel kisses Ross. They start a famous relationship, often being cited as the best part of Friends.

Season 3

Ross and Rachel's relationship is strained because Rachel quits her job at Central Perk and a handsome stranger, Mark, offers her a job at Bloomingdale's.[8] Ross is convinced that Mark is in love with Rachel. When Rachel gets too busy with work to celebrate their anniversary, Ross brings a picnic basket with food to Rachel's office. This leads to them having a heated argument when they return to Monica and Rachel's apartment. Rachel then suggests that they should "take a break." That night, Ross goes out and gets too drunk, ending up sleeping with Chloe. He wants to hide it from Rachel, but when she finds out, they tearfully break up.[9] For the next couple of episodes, they keep playing powergames with each other, to the prejudice of their friends.[10] Starting with The One With The Tiny T-Shirt (Ross) and The One With A Chick And A Duck (Rachel), they begin to accept the fact that it's over and they're friends again. At the end of the season, Ross starts dating a new women, Bonnie. When all the friends take a trip to a beachhouse, Rachel tricks Bonnie into shaving her head. When Ross finds out, they have a big argument, which ends in Rachel revealing that she still loves him. Now Ross has, again, has to decide between his current girlfriend, Bonnie, and Rachel.

Season 4

In the season premiere, it turns out that Ross has chosen for Rachel and has send Bonnie home. On the other hand, Rachel has written a 18-page letter, saying that she wants him to take full responsibility for everything that went wrong in their relationship. A very tired Ross falls asleep while reading the letter, so he agrees to it without having read it and they become a couple again. After Rachel highlights again how much Ross has grown, he can't take it any longer and yells out that he does not agree with taking responsibility, ending their relationship again, but this time for good.[11] Ross and Rachel start power games again, which results in a number of humorous events, including Rachel making Ross apologize to a cat.[12]

When Rachel needs someone to take Emily, the niece of her boss, to the opera, Ross is reticent, but he finally agrees. Rachel quickly regrets asking Ross to go, as it turns out that Ross and Emily like each other very much: they end up in Vermont. The relationship develops very quickly, but Ross has problems with Emily having to go back to England every time. The way he solves this is by proposing to her, so that she can move to the USA.[13] They arrange a wedding in London, but at the altar, he says Rachel's name instead of Emily's.[14]

Season 5

Ross reinstates Emily's name at the alter, but Emily is furious, and Ross fails in his attempts to make up with her. He remains in love with Emily, and produces several attempts to apologise, and call his peace with Emily. Ross was already a victim of a failed marriage, when his exwife attested she was a lesbian, and wanted to divorce him. His failed efforts to make up with Emily, as he was caught in the middle of another two controversial matrimonies, including the third when At the end of the season, he gets drunk in Las Vegas and marries Rachel.

Season 6

Ross: We-we-we—I remember being in a chapel.

Rachel: Oh my God.
Ross: I—They would not let us get married when we were that drunk!
Rachel: No!
Joey: They let you get married when you’re drunk! Most people who get married in Vegas are drunk!

—Ross and Rachel realized that they got married while they were drunk in The One After Vegas.

Ross and Rachel wake up in bed, unaware that they got married the night before. after they realized that they got married while drunk, they decided to get the annulment, Ross tells Rachel that he does not want three failed marriages but she pressures him to get the annulment. He concedes and later tells her he took care of it, but reveals to Phoebe that he lied: they are still married (The One After Vegas). He wanted to tell Rachel that they're still married, but Monica just told Rachel that she had to move out, so it didn't happen (The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel). In The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance, Rachel finds out that they are still married and is furious. They went to the judge but Rachel filled in untrue reasons for their annulment and the judge won't annul the marriage. They will have to file for divorce (The One With Joey's Porsche). At the end of the season, he also dates a girl named Elizabeth, but they break up because she's too young for him.

Season 7

In this season, Ross's sister Monica gets engaged to his best friend, Chandler Bing. On the same night, Ross and Rachel think of having a "bonus night", and kiss, when Monica opens the door and sees them, thinking they are trying to steal her thunder. Phoebe moves in with Ross to give Monica and Chandler a little time on their own, but later moves out. Feeling bad for Phoebe, he buys her a set of training wheels for a bike, since she's never had one. When the Holidays came around, Ross decided to teach his son, Ben, about Hannukah. Ben doesn't want Hannukah, and just wants to see Santa. Eventually, Ross, Chandler and Joey all end up getting into costumes to convince Ben that Hannukah is a really cool holiday. On the night of a meteor shower, Ross gets the whole gang to go on the roof to watch. After everyone has left, Ross and Joey get stuck on the roof, since Joey was using the door stopper as a telescope to watch a lady showering in the hotel across from them. They later escape by using the fire escape. Ross's parents were selling their house, giving Ross and Monica all of their childhood stuff. Favoring Ross, they covered his boxes during a flood. Not knowing, they covered it with Monica's boxes. With Monica upset that her memories were ruined, her parents give her the porsche they would've given Ross, to show her they love her as much as Ross. It is revealed that on Ross's 30th birthday, he buys a sports car to look cool, even though he can't move it out of the parking spot he parked it in near the coffee house. When Rachel is left babysitting Ben for an hour, she decides to teach him practical jokes, which he later uses on his father, Ross. She also teaches Ben that Ross and her were never REALLY on a break. Ross is mad, until he takes his revenge. In episode 19, one of Ross's students try to convince Ross that HE failed his midterm because he is in love with him. He changes his grade, but that results in more kids telling Ross that they are in love with him so he will change his grade. On Monica's wedding day, trying to be a protective brother, Ross gives Chandler the "If you ever hurt her, i will kick your ass" speech. At the end of the season, it is revealed that Rachel is pregnant. Ross doesn't know, and he doesn't know that he is the father.

Season 8

In the beginning of the season, Ross dates Mona. It is going really great, until Ross decides to let Rachel move in with him, which results in them breaking up. Ross missed two precious chances to get back together with Rachel in the episode The One With Rachel's Date and The One With The Cooking Class, so they chose to remain just friends. In the final episode of season 8, Emma, his daughter, is born and Ross wants to get back together with Rachel, but Joey accidentally proposes to Rachel, which results in Ross being mad at Rachel for agreeing with it and at Joey for not telling him about it and not being able to tell Rachel.

Season 9

Throughout the beginning of Season 9, questions rose again by all of the friends about why Ross and Rachel wouldn't get together.

Season 10

Ross: No! No! Oh my God. Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?

Rachel: I got off the plane. Ross: You got off the plane. Rachel: I do love you. Ross: I love you too, and I'm never letting you go again. Rachel: Okay. Cause this is where I wanna be, okay? No more messing around. I don't wanna mess this up again. Ross: Me neither, okay? We are - we're done being stupid. Rachel: Okay. You and me, alright? This is it. Ross: This is it. Unless we're on a break. Ross: Don't make jokes now.

—Ross & Rachel finally got back together in The Last One.

In the Final Episode it is revealed that Ross was still in love with Rachel and went after her in Phoebe's Grandmothers cab but ended up at the wrong airport then to the right airport where he (with Phoebe's help) told her that he loved her. But Rachel still left and when he got home he listened to his messages and got a message from Rachel saying she loved him too and he heard a fight she had with the flight attendant to get off the plane.In the end, Ross and the others go to have one last cup of coffee at Central Perk.


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While generally sweet-natured, he is often clumsy and socially awkward taking the characteristics of the stereotypical "Hot Nerd" . Ross is sometimes shown to have a good sense of humor. He is the only member of the group of friends with a doctorate and, as such, can be arrogant. In most cases, however, his arrogance eventually backfires or gets the best of him. In later seasons, Ross is also shown to be quite irritable, often breaking into angry outbursts over minor things. For example, in The One With Ross's Sandwich, Ross is forced to take a sabbatical after yelling at his boss for stealing his sandwich.

Ross seems to have a child-like need to always be right. Such as in The One Where Heckles Dies, when he finds out that Phoebe doesn't believe in evolution. He was shocked by this and spent the rest of the episode pestering her, trying to get her to believe in evolution. However, he is angered when Phoebe asks him why he has this need for everyone to always agree with him. He seems to find people irrational if they won't conform to his point-of-view.

Ross, despite being socially awkward, dates a considerable number of women throughout the series. Most of his dates, however, were disrupted or completely ruined once his paranoia or geekiness got the best of him. His unsuccessful marriage to Carol is also the source of Ross's fierce insecurity. Monica states that before Carol left Ross, he was never jealous, even though it was obvious to everyone except him that all his previous girlfriends were cheating on him. His jealousy often causes conflict in his relationships, and it drives Rachel away from him, after he became convinced that Rachel's co-worker Mark was flirting with her, despite it being clear that they were just friends. Their relationship ends when Ross sleeps with a woman named Chloe. His jealousy has also been apparent during his relationship with Emily, when he feared she was growing too close to Carol's lesbian partner, Susan; and when he dated student Elizabeth, and ultimately accompanies her on her spring break vacation to ensure she does not stray.

Despite being financially secure, Ross is notoriously cheap. He gets his hair cut at the bargain chain Super Cuts, steals toiletries and other amenities from hotels, and celebrates with Israeli champagne. Ross is often mocked by his friends about his annoying habits of correcting people's grammar and avoiding straightforward dialogue when nervous.

Ross tries to convince one of his friends to act for the best in difficult situations, even though such actions may be difficult to carry out. In season 2, he encourages Joey to audition for Another World after being fired from Days of Our Lives, despite Joey's refusal to present himself for a two-line part of a secondary character. In season 7, he gets Phoebe the bike of her dreams, but threatens to take it away from her because of her reluctance to learn how to ride it. Also, when he discovers that Joey has a crush on Rachel, he tells him to tell her about it and go for it instead of hiding it, even though he has problems with the idea of Joey and Rachel. Above all Ross is a very Sweet loving and adorable guy who is always looking out for everyone's best interests and often the most mature compared to the rest of the gang.



       Main article: Ross and Rachel

Ross' relationship with Rachel is the most well-known and probably the most complex relationship of the series. Ross has been in love with Rachel during her high school days, when he was in college and Rachel was Monica's best friend. Throughout the majority of the first season, Ross tries to admit his feelings to Rachel but is never successful. At the end of the season, Chandler convinces Ross to stop pursuing her. Ross leaves on a work trip, and while he was gone Rachel finally learns of Ross's feelings. She meets him at the airport, but Ross arrives with his new girlfriend, Julie. Ross finds out how Rachel feels in The One Where Ross Finds Out, and they share a kiss. The two finally got together in The One With The Prom Video, and their relationship lasts for a year until Ross's jealousy over Rachel's co-worker Mark breaks them apart. Believing them to be "on a break", Ross gets drunk and slept with Chloe. When Rachel finds out, she breaks up with Ross. The scene was so emotionally intense that both David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston reportedly cried near the end of the episode and continued after it was shot.

The two shared an "almost on-again, almost off-again" relationship over the years, and actually got married after a drunken night in Las Vegas. This wasn't resolved until weeks later when Ross, unable to get an annulment, realized they had to get a divorce. Ross began to panic over the fact that he was going to be divorced for the third time. Later in the series, they slept together again and conceived Ross's second child, Emma. Phoebe, in the episode where Emma was born, tried to convince Ross to get back together with Rachel. He decided to ask Rachel if they'd want to "start things up again", but she in the meantime said yes to an accidental proposal by Joey out of fear that she might wind up alone. After this misunderstanding was resolved, Ross and Rachel started to raise Emma together until a fight caused Rachel to move back in with Joey.

In the final episodes of season ten, Rachel loses her job at Ralph Lauren but is offered a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris. Rachel tells Ross that he is the most important person in her life, and they sleep together. Ross, hoping the next morning to get back together with Rachel in "The Last One", finds out that Rachel saw the night as "the perfect way to say goodbye". When Ross rushes to the airport to tell Rachel that he wants her stay, Rachel is emotionally overwhelmed but boards the plane anyway. Upon returning to his apartment, Ross hears a phone message left by Rachel while she waited for the plane to leave the airport gate. While recording the message, she realizes how much she loves him and that she wants to stay in New York. The final part of the message contains her desperate effort to deplane while being resisted by a flight attendant. Ross, not knowing whether she was able to get off the plane, is happily surprised by her sudden presence in his front room. The pair kisses, promising each other that "this is it. No more fooling around." They hold hands in the final scene of the series. In the season premiere of the spinoff series Joey, Joey mentions that all of his friends have married, settled down and started families, implying that Ross and Rachel have remarried, and maybe have more children on the way.


Ross often came into conflict with Phoebe Buffay. His rationality and Phoebe's self-devised beliefs led to conflict over the theories of evolution, gravity, and whether or not Phoebe's dead mother was reincarnated as a cat. It was revealed in "The One With The Mugging" that Phoebe once mugged Ross during her homeless years. The evening Ross found out that Carol was a lesbian, he and Phoebe almost had sex in the club that was to become Central Perk, but they were interrupted by their friends. Despite their conflicts, throughout the series, Ross and Phoebe rely on one another for advice and support. For example, Phoebe turned to Ross when she had problems with Mike and Ross turned to Phoebe when he wanted to stop Rachel going to Paris. Ross was also the one to obtain Phoebe a bike after hearing her complain of never having one as a child.


Ross and Chandler go quite a way back, being roommates in college. Ross and Chandler have remained close friends since then.


Ross also seems to be a close friend of Joey's, apart from Chandler.


Ross is the older brother of Monica Geller, and was the favored child of their parents. Ross was described as a "medical marvel" when he was born, because his mother was originally believed to be barren (there may have been some discrepencies when the writers came up with the story, as in another episode Jack Geller mentioned that they got married after Judy got pregnant). The two siblings are extremely competitive, as demonstrated in "The One With The Football" where it emerged that every Thanksgiving during their childhood they had taken part in an football match called "The Geller Cup". This family tradition ended in its sixth year, after Monica broke Ross's nose. In their childhood and teenage life, Monica and Ross were also very violent with each other. For example, Monica once hit Ross with a giant pumpkin and Ross once jammed a stick through the spokes of Monica's bike, causing her to flip over and hit her head on the curb. But in their adult lives, their fights are over and they have a close sibling relationship. In "The One With The Inappropriate Sister", they told Rachel how they used to wrestle when they were younger. Ross is also allergic to lobster, peanuts and kiwi as revealed by Monica in "The One With The Baby On The Bus".

Ross, Monica, Jack and Judy are all Jewish, as professed in the episode "The One With The Holiday Armadillo".


In response to his loneliness after his divorce from Carol, Ross adopted a capuchin monkey named Marcel. The relationship was troublesome at first, but the two grew quite close, until Marcel's sexual drive (causing him to hump inanimate objects and people's legs) forced Ross to donate him to the San Diego Zoo. An underlying joke was how comparable their relationship was to that of a live-in couple. Ross later felt the urge to see Marcel again, but was told by the zoo that he had since died. However, a zoo keeper informed Ross that Marcel had actually been stolen. It turned out that Marcel was now a famous mascot for a brand of beer (Monkey Shine) and was starring in Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan. (The monkey, Katie, who played Marcel, played the monkey in the real movie Outbreak). Marcel's favorite song was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" which was how Ross got Marcel's attention when he was at the set of the Outbreak movie. Ross, later in the series, admits to how unusual his purchase was, saying in The One With Unagi, "Remember when I had a monkey... What was I thinking?".[15]

Romantic relationships

       See also: Relationships#Ross


Ross divorced his first wife of seven years,[16] Carol, when it emerged that she was a lesbian and was having an affair with another woman. However, in a flashback episode to when he and Carol were newly dating, he gushed about how "she's on the lacrosse team and the golf team" and he enthuses that "she plays for both teams!".[17] They still got along fairly well, however, and shared custody of their son Ben, who was born in 'The One with the Birth'. Ross' age when he married Carol is, considering he states he's "26 and divorced" during the first episodes of the series, was 22. Since the latter has been referenced more. (they claim to be married in 1989, when Ross was 21) it is safe to assume they both got married at around 18, during Ross' stay at college.

In an alternate reality storyline during the show ("The One That Could Have Been, Part 1"), Ross remained married to Carol, but their sex life was stagnant. He doesn't seem to realize Carol is a lesbian. When Ross suggests to Carol that they have a threesome, she not only is all for it, but has the perfect woman: Susan. While sitting on the couch, Ross expresses to Carol that he's nervous about the threesome and asks her if she is still willing to go through with the plan, to which she excitedly and rapidly replies "Yes!". Susan knocks on the door and Carol greets her all the while not taking their eyes off each other. Carol and Susan hold hands as Susan takes off her coat and hands it to Ross while Carol introduces them, all the while not losing eye contact. Later at the hospital, Ross tells Joey about the threesome in a bragging manner to which the conversation later dies down to him explaining how he got "bored" in the process and ended up making himself a sandwich. Ross is forced to accept that his wife is gay, and he ends up consoling Rachel after she discovers that her fiance (Barry Farber, whom she leaves at the altar in "The Pilot") is having an affair as well.


Ross's second marriage, to his English girlfriend Emily Waltham, appeared more hopeful than his first. The wedding took place in London (in a half-demolished building, where her parents were married), where Joey and Chandler were both the best man and Monica was a bridesmaid. (Phoebe could not attend as she was too far into pregnancy, and Rachel only came at the last minute.) However, at the ceremony Ross said Rachel's name instead of Emily's which led to the complete breakdown of his relationship. Ross attempted to reconcile with Emily, but she insisted that Ross never see nor speak to Rachel ever again. Ross was originally unable to decide but Rachel tells him to just give Emily what she wants without knowing what Ross had to do. In the end, however, Ross was unable to comply; when Emily found out that Ross had been spending time with the friends (including Rachel) she realized she could never trust Ross again, and the marriage quickly dissolved. She later got engaged but on the night before her wedding she left Ross a message on his answering machine saying she was having doubts about getting married. Rachel accidentally deleted the message, and convinced Ross not to call her back.


Ross has two children. The elder, Ben, is Ross and Carol's son. He was conceived before their divorce. Born in "The One With The Birth", Ben lives with Carol and her partner Susan Bunch. He was named after the name on a janitor's uniform worn by Phoebe as she attempted to escape from the janitor's closet that she, Susan, and Ross were trapped in while Carol was in labor. At first, Ben is a shy boy. However, an afternoon spent with Rachel transforms him into a mischievous prankster. He is played by Cole Sprouse.

His younger child is Emma. She was born to Ross and Rachel, conceived in a one-night stand. Emma lived with Ross and Rachel until one of their fights caused Rachel to take Emma and move back in with Joey. She remained there for the rest of the series until Ross and Rachel got back together in the series finale.


At college, Ross trained for a career in paleontology (on a dare), completing his Ph.D., and later became employed at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History. At one time, Ross claims to have "given up a career in basketball" to become a paleontologist.[18] He also claims that he would have been good at advertising and that he invented the phrase "Got Milk?".[19] After Monica questions this claim, Ross turns to Joey and mentions that he "should have written it down". He also claims to have had the idea for Jurassic Park and Die Hard (coincidentally his, Chandler's and Joey's favorite movie) stolen from him. Ross's love of dinosaurs became a running joke throughout the series. In one episode when asked which he preferred, sex or dinosaurs; Ross had a tough time deciding which he would rather give up. In high school, he got a 1250 on his SATs, and was said to have been obsessed with dinosaurs even then.

After the director of the museum ate half of Ross's favorite sandwich and threw the rest in the trash, Ross was forced to take a "sabbatical" from the museum due to his subsequent rage. His anger was amplified by the stress of his second divorce and after finding out Chandler was dating Monica his sister. He lost his apartment and had to move in with Chandler and Joey. Afterwards, Ross found a job as a professor at New York University and caused a stir among his colleagues when he dated one of his students, Elizabeth Stevens. Eventually, he was given tenure, despite it being clear that he is a mediocre teacher: forgetting classes, boring his students to sleep or giving away grades without even looking at students' work. Ross reveals that his students usually give him bad evaluations at the end of year, but passes this off as them being distraught over the fact he won't be teaching them again.

Ross' scientific isn't always very well received: most of his papers on sediment flow rates are suposedly widely discredited and he only gets negative publications in scientific journals. However, he is invited as a keynote speaker to a paleontology conference, where he delivered a very-well received talk, implying that there are people who agree with his ideas.

Age and birthday

Although Ross's age is treated inconsistently by the show's writers, the best evidence is that he was born on October 18, 1967.

Month and Day

Two episodes state Ross's birthday as October 18. In "The One Where Emma Cries" Ross names that date as his birthday, as well as in "The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant" where he was taken to a Hootie & the Blowfish concert as his birthday present. However, in "The One With George Stephanopoulos", when Joey and Chandler buy Rangers tickets to celebrate Ross's birthday on the 20th of October, Ross says that his birthday was "seven months ago". In "The One With Joey's New Girlfriend", when Gunther asks Rachel when her birthday is, claiming to be making a list of people's birthdays, Ross says, 'Mine's December...' before being cut off by Gunther.

Year of Birth

As to year of birth, in "The Pilot", which aired in September, 1994, Ross exclaims, "I'm only 26 and I'm divorced." That would mean that Ross was born in 1967 (assuming that in using "26" he was not projecting forward to his upcoming October birthday). A person born on October 18, 1967 then would be expected to graduate from college around 1990, and we later learn that Ross and Chandler were Class of 1991. The discrepancy is not that great, and could be explained by Ross having taken some time off between high school and college, perhaps when he tried to "make it as a dancer" as revealed by Monica in The Last One. Although in "The One With Ross' Library Book" Ross replies to an attractive woman, who read his book, that he skipped fourth grade after her comment, that he looks younger than she expected. But this could easily not be true meaning that he only said that to impress her. In "The One With The Videotape", while Ross is telling the "western Europe" story to try to get a girl into bed, Ross claims that he backpacked across Europe in 1983 then whispers to himself "I was thirteen?", implying he was born in 1970 or 1969.

Ross described himself as 29 in each of Seasons 3, 4 and 5. In Season 3, he told Chandler "No, thanks, I'm 29" when offered chocolate milk. In Season 4, when the guys tried to party without Gandalf, they all said they were 29. And in Season 5, when trying to reconcile with Emily, he said that if they didn't stay together he would be divorced for the second time before age 30. However, when a drunk man referred to Monica as Ross's mother at Ross's wedding rehearsal dinner in London, she expressed her distaste at having a "30 year old son".


Although the producers were coy about the Friends' religious backgrounds, it was revealed that Ross and Monica's father was Jewish and their mother was not. That said, Ross is seen attempting to get his son Ben to celebrate Hanukkah, by dressing up as a character he invented named the "Holiday Armadillo". On another occasion, Chandler alludes to Ross being Jewish when Ross goes to steal a bible from a hotel and Chandler says, "Besides it's a New Testament! What are you gonna do with it?." Ross simply shrugs and says he'll learn about Jesus. Finally, Ross once notes that he bought his sister Monica a Hanukkah present, when others were participating in a Secret Santa.




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