Gunther, the seventh friend.

The Seventh Friend is the character that hangs out with the group. Some examples are: Gunther and Mike Hannigan.


  • Gunther: Gunther is the manager of Central Perk and has appeared in more episodes than other guests.
  • Julie: For a short time, Julie dated Ross, meaning she spent time with the group.
  • Janice: she went out with chandler before and season 1 and season 3 of the show and later has guest starred in every season
  • Richard Burke: Richard was Monica's boyfriend during the second half of Season 2. He re-appears every so often, until his last appearance The One With The Proposal, Part 2.
  • Emily Waltham: Ross's second divorcee. Emily was disliked by Rachel Green, as Rachel had an crush on Ross at the time.
  • Charlie Wheeler: Joey and Ross's ex-girlfriend.Charlie dumped Joey for Ross, But she dumped Ross for her ex-boyfriend.
  • Mike Hannigan: Phoebe's husband. Mike and Phoebe met through an blind date, and she marries him in Season 10.
  • Erica: The biological mother of Jack Bing and Erica Bing. She stayed with Monica and Chandler, before giving birth to the twins.