Shovelly Joe is a nickname Chandler gives to the possible biological father of Erica's baby, his adoptive child. It is revealed that there are two possible fathers; one is Erica's old boyfriend, the captain of the football team of the highschool that Erica went to, who broke up with her when he went to college, but the other is described by Erica as "a great guy" who killed his own father with a shovel, hence the name Shovelly Joe. Chandler fears that if Shovelly Joe is the father of his child, the child will act violently or try to kill him, but it turns out at the end of the episode that the father was the football guy as what Erica did with the shovel-killer doesn't lead to pregnancy (What it was is unknown [though it's insinuated that the two things Chandler alludes to: "the thing we hardly do" and "the thing we never do" is oral and anal sex], but apparently Monica and Chandler never do it themselves, prompting Chandler to be rather impressed with 'Shovelly Joe').

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