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Hey, hey, hey!

—The Horrible Woman's , recurring phrase

The Horrible Woman is a very nasty New York lady that appears in the episode The One With The East German Laundry Detergent. She is a bully to Rachel and the second female antagonist to appear in the whole series. The first one is Nurse Sizemore.

She first meets Rachel in a laundromat when she deliberately steals the latter's machine and loads her own clothing into it, using the excuse that there weren't any clothes in it in order to win the argument with her. Rachel is unable to stand up to her at first, but Ross Geller, who is with her, does. He wins the argument and the Horrible Woman withdraws her clothes from the machine but leaves a red sock inside in order to get her revenge. Rachel is unaware and puts in a load of white clothes with it...


Ross confronting the 'Horrible Woman'

Later, all of Rachel's perfectly white clothes have turned pink! The Horrible Woman walks past, peeking into the washing machine. She smirks wickedly at her success to get her revenge. Sniggering with vain happiness, the Horrible Woman walks on.

The Horrible Woman is finally seen when Rachel leaves her cart nearby and the big bully attempts to steal it from her, using the excuse that there wasn't any clothes in it, again. Rachel's wacky, quirky personality enables her to win the arguement this time by, instead of starting a fight, leaving the Horrible Woman bewildered and stunned by jumping into the cart and angrily saying that if the Horrible Woman takes the cart, she will have to take Rachel with it. Outsmarted, the Horrible Woman slinks away in defeat. She is never seen again.

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