This woman is the housekeeper of Stephen and Andrea Waltham. Phoebe calls the Waltham house to inform someone that someone is on their way to ruin Ross and Emily's wedding. When Phoebe answers the phone in an inappropriate way, the housekeeper tells her to address someone on he telephone. After she finishes, Phoebe asks if she can speak to Emily, but she's at the rehearsal dinner and it's not nice to make fun of people, then attempts to hang up the phone, but Phoebe stops her and tells her she promises she'll be nice and if the housekeeper would give her the phone number for where everyone is, but she says she's not at liberty to divulge that information and Phoebe tells her that someone is on their way to ruin the wedding and if the housekeeper doesn't give the number, then Phoebe would come over there and kick her snooty ass all the way to 'New Gloukenshire', and the housekeeper hangs up the phone with Phoebe remarking 'Ooh. She knew I could kick her ass!'.


  1. The One With Ross's Wedding, Part 2