The One With The Pediatrician
Season 9, episode 3
197th overall episode of Friends
Ross still sees his pediatrician: Dr. Gettleman.
Episode Information

October 10, 2002

Written by

Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones

Directed by

Roger Christiansen

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"The One With The Pediatrician" is the third episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on NBC on October 10, 2002. Rachel's constant calls to her pediatrician force him to drop Emma as a patient. Ross becomes uncomfortable when Rachel seeks his childhood doctor as a replacement - mainly because he is still Ross's doctor.


Unable to get out of moving to Tulsa without losing his job, Chandler and Monica agree to move together so that Chandler can take on the promotion. However, at the last minute, Monica is offered a great job as a chef at a very famous Manhattan restaurant, Javu's. The decision is made: Monica accepts the job while Chandler agrees to work in Tulsa four days a week and spend the remaining three days in New York.

Rachel's pediatrician drops her as a client for constantly calling him about concerns with Emma. Ross informs Rachel that he had a great pediatrician (who is now dead) as a child, but Monica later claims that he is still alive. When Rachel takes Emma to the new pediatrician, she discovers that Ross is still a patient.

Joey and Phoebe agree to find dates for each other and double date together. On the night of the date, Joey has forgotten all about the deal, while Phoebe has already fixed up a woman for Joey. At the last minute, Joey finds a guy named Mike (Paul Rudd, in his first appearance in the series) at Central Perk and asks him to act like he and Joey have known each other for years. Eventually, Phoebe discovers the truth and storms out of the date. Later, Mike admits to having a good time on the date and asks Phoebe for a second one, to which she agrees.

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Directed By:
Roger Christiansen

Written By:
Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones


  • This is the first appearance of Paul Rudd as Mike Hannigan in the series.
    • Mike is Phoebe's new love interest until the end of the series and they eventually marry towards the end of the series. Mike is also Phoebe's first serious boyfriend since Gary.
  • This is the first appearance of Monica and Joey's apartments since "The One Where Rachel Is Late" (S8E22). For a span of 4 episodes, this is the longest time in the series the apartments are absent.
  • This episode essentially 'fulfills' the predictions Phoebe made in earlier episode "The One With The Tea Leaves", where she claimed that soon Monica would be promoted and she would meet the man of her dreams; despite her initial concern that she couldn't be promoted in her current job, Monica receives a job at a better restaurant than the one she was working at, and Phoebe meets the man she will go on to marry.
  • Before hanging up the phone, Rachel says "Well up yours too!", echoing Emily's words in "The One With Ross's Wedding, Part 1" (S4E23) to Ross whilst preparing for their marriage.
  • When Joey is ordering the food he is wearing a F.D.N.Y T-shirt, a tribute to the September 11 attacks.
  • Ross used to see a therapist during his childhood, because he had a recurring nightmare that Monica was going to eat him.
  • When Phoebe is talking to Mike in Central Perk, she mentions the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.


  • When Ross helps the little girl in the doctor's waiting room find Waldo, he says "Oh, in the circus?". When the book's pages are visible to the camera, it is clear that it is a beach scene, not a circus scene.
  • When Phoebe says that Joey's date is loose, the date eats a pair of olives, in the next shot, they are back in her glass.
  • When Chandler annouces he is being relocated to Tulsa in the beginning of the episode, when Pheobe yells "I CALL THEIR APARTMENT." You can see before the camera angle switches she is yelling the same thing in the corner without audio.


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