The One With The Sharks
Season 9, episode 4
198th overall episode of Friends
Monica surprises Chandler by letting him to watch a shark film, thinking he likes shark porn.
Episode Information

October 17, 2002

Written by

Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen

Directed by

Ben Weiss

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The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner


"The One With The Sharks" is the fourth episode of the ninth season of Friends, which aired on October 17, 2002. Monica visits Chandler in Tulsa and suspects an odd fetish. Back in New York, Phoebe and Mike talk about long-term relationships, while Joey is confused about his familiarity with his date's apartment.


Monica goes to Tulsa to surprise Chandler. Chandler is watching porn in his hotel room and when Monica comes in, he quickly switches the channel to a movie about sharks. When Monica sees this, she thinks he has a shark fetish. When he comes home, she puts a shark movie on to try and arouse him. Chandler tells her the truth, and she is very relieved.

Ahead of a date with Mike, Ross tells Phoebe how he likes her dating attitude of going from person to person and not having anything serious. This upsets Phoebe, who begins to cry as Mike walks in to pick her up. Ross goes to her apartment the next day to apologize and Phoebe fears Mike could have actually been the one. Ross goes to Mike's apartment to explain himself and accidentally reveals how she hasn't had a serious relationship, despite Mike already arranging another date with Phoebe. Ross then lies saying Phoebe had a six year relationship with a kite designer named "Vikram". Phoebe originally refuses to go along with it but does anyway. She lies and says that Vikram has been calling her because he's lonely, but says she left him because he slept with Rachel. Mike says he'd beat him up, unless he was big (he would send a mean letter instead). Noticing how much Mike will do for her, Phoebe tells him the truth and he accepts it, just as Ross calls pretending to be Vikram.

Joey goes on a date with Hayley, an attractive woman he met at the coffee house. Upon going back to her apartment, he recognizes it and assumes he must have slept with her before. However, when Joey brings it up and she says they haven't dated before. Just then, Hayley's roommate, Poppy, walks in, and Joey realizes that she was the one he slept with. She remembers him, much to the disgust of Hayley.

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Directed By: Ben Weiss

Written By: Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen



  • Phoebe says that she hasn't been married in response to Ross saying that he shouldn't pay attention to his comments because he has been married & divorced 3 times. However, she had been in a green card marriage for about 6 years with a gay (although he later finds out he's straight) ice-dancer, Duncan Sullivan, and in "The One After Vegas" she alludes to getting married in Vegas at some point
    • However, Phoebe's response when discussing marriage in Vegas suggest that she thought that marriages in Vegas were only valid in Vegas, and she may not consider her marriage to Duncan valid as it was a green card marriage.
  • Both Joey and Phoebe say they never had relationships that lasted longer than a month. However, Phoebe dated (even moved in, even though she said she never lived with a guy) with a cop called Gary for longer than a month, and it is said in the earlier seasons that Joey had been with a girl called Angela DelVeccio for three years.
  • In one scene, when Ross goes to Phoebe's apartment, he comes bearing veggie hotdogs for having ruined her date with Mike. During their conversation the camera cuts between them a couple times. Although Phoebe has paper towels in her hand, she does not appear to motion as if to tear one off, nor does either of them seem to take a bit of the treat. However in between takes they all of a sudden switch from unscathed and on the counter surface to missing a bite and placed neatly on a paper towel.
  • Early on in the episode, Monica mentions to Joey that she would be flying out and having a "second honeymoon" with Chandler at the Tulsa Ramada. However, it is later revealed (from an outside shot) that Chandler is staying at a Hyatt.
    • Monica may have misremembered what hotel Chandler was staying in.
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