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The One With The Unagi
Friends episode
Season 6x17
Episode no. 138
Written by Zachary Rosenblatt
Adam Chase
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Guest stars Louis Mandylor - Carl

James Michael Tyler - Gunther
Jill Matson - The Receptionist
Ron Recasner - The Doctor
Mongo Brownlee - The Instructor
Maggie Wheeler - Janice Litman
Preston James Hillier - Joey Clone
Shane Keller - Twin #2

Original airdate February 24, 2000
Episode List
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"The One That Could Have Been, Part 2"
"The One Where Ross Dates A Student"

"The One With The Unagi" is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Friends, which aired on February 24, 2000. 


Joey is broke but needs money fast for new head shots, so he is determined to get enrolled for another medical experiment. Since the only one that pays $2000 is for identical twins, he hires fellow actor Carl to play his fictitious twin Tony. This plan then fails when the doctor tells them that the test is for identical twins and they are not identical. Because Mon


ica worked on Valentine's Day Chandler tells the group that they have to celebrate it tonight. After Joey suggests that they each book a day at one of those romantic spas Chandler says that he and Monica have decided to make each other presents this year.Both Chandler and Monica however have forgotten to make each other presents. At the last minute Chandler finds a mix tape in his closet and recieves a sock-bunny made by Phoebe as his gift. Monica ,then feeling completely guilty  promises to make all Chandler's wishes come true in kitchen and bedroom.
Sock bunny

Phoebes 'sock--bunnies'

But then at dinner the next night Monica decides to listen to Chandlers mixed tape which had turned out to be made by Janice for one of Chandlers previous birthdays. Monica is furious and Chandler tries to make it up to her. Phoebe and Rachel have just come from a self-defense class when they start bragging about how they can kick anyones ass. Ross tells them that after years of studying Karate he has learnt that self-defense is useless without Unagi, a state of total awareness. Rachel and Phoebe tell him that Unagi is a sushi and that theres no such thing. It turns out that Ross lacks this state as well after the girls scare him in his apartment.
Unagi 2


Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Jennifer Aniston - Rachel Green
Courtney Cox - Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc - Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry - Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer - Ross Geller

Supporting CastEdit

Louis Mandylor - Carl
James Michael Tyler - Gunther
Jill Matson - The Receptionist
Ron Recasner - The Doctor
Mongo Brownlee - The Instructor
Maggie Wheeler - Janice Litman
Preston James Hillier - Joey Clone
Shane Keller - Twin #2


Directed By:
Gary Halvorson

Written By:
Zachary Rosenblatt & Adam Chase

Friends 617 The One With Unagi01:21

Friends 617 The One With Unagi


  • Phoebe is correct, "unagi" is the Japanese word for freshwater eel. "Zanshin" is the Japanese word closest to the concept Ross is trying to tell the girls about.
  • Ross explains to Chandler that his Saturn V Rocket model is from the Apollo 8 mission and that Apollo 8 did not land on the moon but instead orbited the moon twice and returned safely to earth. In fact, Apollo 8 orbited the moon a total of ten times, not two.
  • Chandlers hair is much longer starting in this episode and until the first episode of season 7.
  • In this episode the cast members turn up to Central Perk and find their sofa occupied.  This only happens three times in The One With The Princess Leia FantasyThe One With Unagi and The One Where Chandler Gets Caught.

  • Phoebe mentions Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek and Chuck Woolery, which Rachel then tells her "you will not find a single game show host, who’s ass I cannot kick". Pat Sajak is the current host of Wheel of Fortune, Alex Trebek is the host of Jeopardy and Chuck Woolery was the former host of Love Connection, Wheel of Fortune and Lingo.

  • it revealed that ross has taken karate class


  • When Gunther tells Joey that a customer has been waiting for his coffee for ten minutes, he hands a mug to Joey. You can clearly see that the mug is empty.
  • When Joey is telling Monica and Chandler about Carl, during certain shots when Chandler's back is to the camera, his arms can be seen moving or crossed, yet when the camera is on him and Monica, his hands are still in his robe.
  • After Joey yells at Carl that they like pizza, the camera is facing Chandler's back and its obvious that he's laughing at what just happened and his hands are in his robe pockets, yet when the camera faces him and Monica a second later, he has a serious look on his face and his hands are already out of his pockets.
  • When Ross tries to scare Phoebe and Rachel when explaining "Unagi" in Central Perk, Phoebe's arms change positions in different camera angles from crossed to one hand on her chin.


[Ross has just scared Phoebe and Rachel]
Ross: At what point of those girlish screams would you have begun to "KICK MY ASS?!"
Rachel: Alright, so we weren't "PREPARED!"

[after Ross has bragged about having "unagi"]
Phoebe and Rachel: [sneaking up from behind Ross, shouting] Danger!
[Ross screams like a little girl.]
Rachel: Ah, salmon skin roll.

[Rachel and Phoebe have Ross pinned to the ground after he tried to scare them back]
Rachel: Say it.
Phoebe: Say we are unagi.
Ross: It's not something you are, it's something you have!

Phoebe: Now, we can kick anybody's ass!
Rachel: Yeah!
Ross: After one class? I don't think so.
Rachel: What? You want to see me self-defend myself? Go over there and pretend you're a sexual predator! Go on! I dare ya!
Ross: Well, of course you can defend yourself from an attack you know is coming, that's not enough. Look, I studied karate for a long time, and there's a concept you should really be familiar with. It's what the Japanese call unagi.
Rachel:Isn't that a kind of sushi?
Ross: No, it's a concept.
Phoebe: Yeah, it is! It is! It's freshwater eel.
Ross: All right, maybe it means that too.
Rachel: Ooh! I would kill for a salmon skin roll right now.
Ross: Y'know what? Fine! Get attacked! I don't even care!

Phoebe: [after Chandler mentions he and Monica will make anniversary gifts for each other] So what did you make Chandler?
Chandler: Oh, I made a 'flablarghaargh'...
Phoebe: What is that?
Chandler: Nothing!

Ross: Chandler. I sensed it was you.
Chandler: What?
Ross: 'Unagi.' I'm always aware.
Chandler: Are you aware that unagi is an eel?

Ross:About that last move where the woman tripped you and then pinned you to the floor, what would you do next?
The Instructor: Well, she would try to take her keys and then jam...
Ross: No. No, what would "you" do next?
The Instructor: Who, me? The Attacker?
Ross: Yes, That's right.
The Instructor: Why?
Ross: I tried attacking two women - did not work.
The Instructor: What?
Ross: It's OK. I mean, they're my friends. In fact I was married to one of them.
The Instructor: Let me get this straight. You attacked your ex-wife?
Ross: Oh, no, no, no. I "TRIED".

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