The Triplets



Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler (born October 8, 1998) are Alice Knight and Frank Buffay Jr.'s children. Phoebe was the surrogate mother, giving birth to them in The One Hundredth. Frank Jr. Jr. is named after his father, Frank Buffay, Alice named Leslie. Chandler was named after Chandler, even though the baby was actually a girl. When the triplets turned five, they became very active and rowdy. They were unaware that Phoebe was their surrogate mother until a later episode, where Chandler Bing accidentally reveals it to the triplets, and when they stare at him in bewilderment, he quickly leaves the coffee shop, quipping that he will now "tell Emma she was an accident."

Alice (to Phoebe): Okay, now, see, I wanna name the girl baby Leslie, and Frank wants to name one of the boy babies Frank Jr. Jr.

Chandler: Wouldn’t that be Frank the III?
Alice: Don’t get me started.

—Alice Buffay and Chandler in "The One With Rachel's New Dress"


160px-5x03 Phoebe and Triplets

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