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Unnamed characters from Season 8 of Friends.

The One After "I Do"

  • Matthew Mullany as Waiter

The One With The Red Sweater

  • Phil Abrams as The anxious wedding guest
  • Harry S. Murphy as The man at wedding
  • Teresa Parente as The woman at wedding
  • Reggie Jordan as The front desk clerk
  • George Alan as Groom

The One Where Rachel Tells...

  • Lynn A. Henderson as The ticket agent
  • Evie Peck as The nurse
  • John O'Brien as The airline employee
  • Anita Dashiell as The front desk clerk
  • Shane Nickerson as The man
  • Laurie Naughton as The woman

The One With The Halloween Party

  • Daniel E. Smith - The boy in the cape
  • Rachel David- The ballerina
  • Ivy Malone - The cowgirl

The One With The Stripper

  • Jackie Debatin - The Hooker
  • Martin Yu - The Waiter

The One With Monica's Boots

  • Janelle Pierzina as Patron in Coffee Shop

The One With Ross's Step Forward

  • Wesley Thompson - Locksmith

The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

  • Caryn Ward - Waitress
  • Matthew Yang King - Student

The One With The Secret Closet

  • Richard Penn- Doctor
  • Joel Berti - Guy in Coffee Shop

The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

  • Sam Pancake- The Waiter
  • Terence Paul Winter- Waiter #2

The One With The Tea Leaves

  • Danielle Stratton - Waitress

The One In Massapequa

  • Aixa Clemente- The female guest

The One With The Cooking Class

  • Scott Richards - The acting teacher

The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1

  • Mark Daniel Cade - Doctor
  • Karin Co - Woman with Mild Contractions
  • JoNell Kennedy - Nurse #1
  • Henriette Mantel - Nurse #2
  • Laura Margolis - Woman Giving Birth
  • Jimmy Palumbo- Sick Bastard
  • Sarah Rush - Nurse #3

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