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The following is a list of unnamed characters from Season 9.

The One With The Pediatrician

The nurse

Portrayed by Angee Hughes

The receptionist

Portrayed by Greta Sesheta

The girl in the doctor's office

Portrayed by Ashly Holloway

The boy in the doctor's office

Portrayed by Logan Hudson

The One With The Sharks


Portrayed by Phil Donlon

The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner


Portrayed by Dan Bucatinsky

Maitre d'

Portrayed by Kevin Farrell

The One With The Male Nanny

Prospective Nanny

Portrayed by Susan Slome

The One With Rachel's Phone Number

Chandler's Assistant

Portrayed by Irene White

The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work

The Director

Portrayed by Evan Handler

Female Extra #1

Portrayed by Alexandra Margulies

The Soap Actor

Portrayed by Paul Logan

Guy at Table with Joey

Portrayed by P. Adam Walsh

The One Where Monica Sings

Michelle's Friend

Portrayed by Lisa Calderon

The Receptionist

Portrayed by Kristen Ariza

The Woman

Portrayed by DeAnna Steele

Woman #2

Portrayed by Megan Linder

Coffee Shop Patron

Portrayed by Gregory Graham

The One With The Blind Dates

The Waiter

Portrayed by Sam Pancake

Waiter #2

Portrayed by John Eric Bentley

The One With The Mugging

Female Producer

Portrayed by Suzanne Ford

Casting Director

Portrayed by Michelle Anne Johnson

The One With The Boob Job

The Handyman

Portrayed by Timothy Starks

The One With Rachel's Dream


Portrayed by Joe Colligan


Portrayed by Susan Chuang

Customer #1

Portrayed by Shayne Anderson

Customer #2

Portrayed by Keith Pillow

Customer #3

Portrayed by Johnny Sneed

The One With The Soap Opera Party

Woman on Stage

Portrayed by Alex Borstein

The One With The Fertility Test

The Spa Receptionist

Portrayed by Debra Azar


Portrayed by Myra Turley

The One With The Donor

Cologne Spritzer

Portrayed by Kim Harris

Dressing Room Woman

Portrayed by Tracy Silver

The One In Barbados


Portrayed by Joe Everett Michaels

Airplane Passenger

Portrayed by Tony Sagastizado

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