Hi. As you guys may have noticed, particularly if you have a large screen, the site layout changed a little bit yesterday. This is part of a larger design initiative across Wikia, called Project Darwin. We've been listening to all your feedback about how to improve our site, and we're combining it all together in an ongoing project for improvements. You can read the official announcement about Darwin here.

The first step is to introduce a Fluid layout. That's what you are seeing right now in fact! We know the most important thing on wikis is the content, and we wanted to improve the support for viewers and editors on larger screens while also continuing to support people who browse on small screens such as tablets. The result is a fluid layout that detects screen resolution and changes to accommodate it -- so big screens are no longer so empty and small screens don't have to horizontal scroll.

Feel free to play around on the wiki here -- change your browser size and watch things move around. If you still use Monobook, switch to the Wikia skin for a few minutes just to see what's up. Friends Wiki is one of a small group of test wikis for the ongoing changes and we want you to really test everything out :)

And then let us know what you think and see! Did you find a bug? A page you aren't sure how to make work at variable screen-size? I will be this wiki's communication point for Darwin so you can leave comments here on this blog or on my wall. You can also feel free to head over to our [[w:c:community:Board:Darwin|Community Central forums] to discuss the changes.

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