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Man Down For NBC's Friends 'Reunion'

XD1 January 15, 2016 User blog:XD1
Friends Cast then-and-now 001

On Wednesday, NBC announced that all six of our beloved Friends were on board for its Feb. 2 special dedicated to director James Burrows, but noted that they might not appear together in the same room. According to Entertainment Weekly, Greenblatt reaffirmed on Wednesday night that NBC was definitely trying to get them all together. However, sources now confirm that Matthew Perry is unavailable, as he is in rehearsals for his London play, "The End of Longing."

NBC is still confident he will contribute to the event in some way, but is it still fair to refer to the event as a "reunion" with only 5/6 of the cast in attendance? Are you less likely to watch now that Chandler will be a no-show?

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