The wedding of Carol Willick and Susan Bunch took place in the middle of Season 2.

Carol and Susan were getting married and some tensions ensued. Carol's parents refused to attend because they were not supportive of their daughter marrying another woman. Then Carol and Susan had a fight because Carol suggested they call off the wedding, but Susan was saying the opposite because they were doing this for themselves not for Carol's parents.


During the ceremony, Monica walked Ben down the aisle in a stroller, Susan was escorted by her parents and Carol was escorted by Ross. Before the entering began, Phoebe noisily unwrapped a piece of candy, attracting everyone's attention and Pebe said in Mrs. Adelman's voice: "Butterscotch? No one? All right, you'll be sorry later.".

Later, Carol and Susan had pictures taken and Susan asked Ross to dance with her. Ross, at first, declined but then changed his mind after Susan told him she'll let him lead.

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